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DC’s Titans Season 3 Episode 10 “Troubled Water” Recap & Review

DC’s Titans Season 3 Episode 10 deals with the repercussions of the tainted Gotham City water supply and sets up for an insane final few episodes.

Titans Season 3 episode 10

DC’s Titans Season 3 has proven time and time again that it is the best season yet, and episode 10 more than solidifies it as such. Things are getting really bad for the Titans, so much so that at the end of the episode they are left separated and without a home to go back to.

They aren’t the only one in trouble either, as “Troubled Water” shows Barbara also in some hot water.

As for Donna and Rachel — they are back in Gotham, but is there anything they can do to help?

Warning, this recap and review of Titans Season 3 Episode 10 will contain spoilers. So if you have not yet watched this episode on HBO Max and would like to remain in the dark, please come back at a later time.  If you missed our Titans Season 3 Episode 9 recap, check it out.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead for Titans Season 3 Episode 10.

Titans Season 3 episode 10

Fans will remember that the Gotham water supply being contaminated with Scarecrow’s fear drug when Starfire was trying to attack Crane. Of course he set that all up perfectly, and he has now released a video to the public claiming that the Titans are purposefully doing this.

He urges the public to have no fear though, because a new hero will rise to help citizens, and that hero is Red Hood. The video also gives a $50,000 reward for the capture of Nightwing — dead or alive.

Yup, Jason is back with Crane. Thanks to the stunt Scarecrow pulled Jason fears the Titans will never take him back because they believe he had something to do with it. The start of the episode shows the repercussions of the poisoned water and it is absolutely terrifying. Anyone who drank the water is irrational, violent, and completely mad.

There are shootings, muggings, looting, and quite frankly, a lot more than the Gotham City Police Department can handle. 

superboy Titans Season 3 episode 10

Since Dick is a wanted man, he needs to stay at home while the rest of the Titans go out into the city to help. While they are able to subdue some of the people who drank the water supply, the rest of the city starts to turn on them. Even those that did not drink the water have seen the video Crane released and are calling them part of Nightwing’s gang.

The trust is lost and they need to find a way to fix that.

Meanwhile Donna is on her way back to Gotham, but due to the state of the city the National Guard has locked it all down — no one in or out. Since her taxi driver cannot bring her all the way into the city, he leaves her to walk across a bridge to access the town.

After the previous episode where she needed to cross a bridge to come back to life, this feels a bit on the nose, but still a fun nod to it. 

donna trpy Titans Season 3 episode 10

Donna was unknowingly being followed by Lydia, who is not sure exactly who or what has come back from the dead. As she said in the last episode, they have tried to resurrect others in the past and failed, so she is curious why it worked this time. She wants to study her and run some tests but Donna is eager to get home to Gotham. 

Because of this Lydia says she will run the tests there, and the two are transported to training grounds in the woods where Lydia attacks Donna and tests her reflects. Eventually Donna bests Lydia and the two talk. Donna says she knows that Lydia never liked her because she is half human, half Amazonian, however Lydia explains that is why she always pushed her.

Donna is the best of both worlds and is born to lead. She then lets her go back on the road to Gotham.

Titans Season 3 episode 10

The National Guard is blocking the way but all it takes is a few bent guns and a flip in the air and they are persuaded to let Donna pass, even without her ID. She is heading back to the Titans, but what will she find when she gets there?

With the way that the public is no longer trusting the Titans, as well as Gotham PD, Dick comes up with a plan. He says he will turn himself in, while in costume, along with the rest of the Titans. They will do this publicly, and then post bail, disappear into the night, and help Gotham from the shadows. 

The rest of the team agrees to this, especially after how they were treated when they were just trying to help. Things are bad in Gotham, really bad. After they agree to do this however, viewers see Red Hood buying off some police officers at Scarecrow’s instructions. This can’t be a good sign.

Titans Season 3 episode 10

And it isn’t. It is obvious that things are not going to go well from the moment the Titans arrive at the police department. They are all in riot gear and VERY on edge. The police are pushy from the start, and things escalate very quickly to the point where the Titans need to leave.

Beast Boy turns into a tiger and jumps out a window– he is hit by a tranquilizer while on his way to escape.

Blackfire gets shot, which is what started the all out brawl, and things are not looking good for her as she is losing a lot of blood. Starfire is able to get her out of there while Conner and Nightwing hold off the cops. The one that Red Hood paid the big bucks to pulls a gun and is going to shoot Nightwing, but Barbara shoots him first, getting herself arrested after.

blackfire Titans Season 3 episode 10

Starfire gets Blackfire into a church where she tries to heal her, but Blackfire ends up absorbing and stealing her powers. Blackfire claims this was not on purpose, and that the two should figure it out, but Starfire is very upset. She thinks this was the plan all along and leaves Blackfire to go find and help the Titans, even though she is now powerless.

This conversation is one of the best between the sisters. It shows that Blackfire truly does not understand where Starfire is coming from when it comes to the Titans. They are royalty and to be risking their lives for a planet that is not theirs and a family that is not blood is truly baffling to her.

Fans might have thought her time with Conner would cause her to see things as Starfire does but they haven’t. At least not yet.

Speaking of Conner, he is with Dick in the undergrounds of Gotham. They know that they cannot go back to Wayne Manor because it is unsafe. When Conner says they should spend their time helping the Gotham citizens that need it Dick speaks the harsh truth — Gotham is on its own now.

The inhabitants of the city are not only turning on each other, they are turning on the Titans. 

Rachel is back in town and has found her way to Gar, who is still recovering from being tranquilized. He explains to her what happened with Crane and Jason, and that the police have even turned against the Titans.

As for Crane and Jason, they find themselves at Wayne Manor, knowing the Titans would not be there. Crane pokes fun at the decor, opens a bottle of booze, and convinces Jason to take a knife to the portrait of Bruce and his parents. Jason takes all his frustrations out on the painting, cutting it to pieces.

Titans Season 3 episode 10

At the end of the episode things look pretty dismal. Barbara has been arrested, the Titans and split up, and Gotham is even worse for wear than usual – which is saying something. What a set up for what must be an epic final few episodes of Titans Season 3. 

Titans Season 3 Episode 10 Review

Titans Season 3 Episode 10 is one of the best of the season for several reasons. There is not a lot of action, but what fans do get is amazing. The Titans easily took down some infected Gotham citizens, but then the rest turned against them.

Crane is getting into everyone’s heads and working hard to bring Jason back to him, and it seems to be working! 

Jason wants everyone to love him. He wants acceptance. When he speaks with Molly she begs him to leave town but he knows it is too late for him, but is aware of everything enough to tell her to leave while she still can.

Fans who had hoped he would go back to the Titans are all wondering if that will be able to happen at this point. 

The fight at the Gotham Police Department is one of the best of the season. The choreography was great and everyone had their moment to shine. There were shocking moments like Blackfire being shot, and Beast Boy was finally used in action as an animal again — although it was that same green tiger. 

With Donna and Rachel back in town, hopefully they can bring the Titans back together and help them take the city back.

About Titans Season 3 Episode 10

Crane blames the Titans for poisoning Gotham’s water supply.

Titans Season 3

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