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Beckett Review: A Boring Thriller That Never Delivers

John David Washington does a decent job with what he is given, but unfortunately Beckett just never gives viewers anything to care about.


Beckett sounds fantastic on paper – an American citizen in a foreign country who is all of a sudden thrown into a massive manhunt without any idea as to why. Surely this will be a suspenseful and action packed thriller that really pays off once the truth is revealed, right? Wrong. Unfortunately there is nothing in this movie to intrigue viewers, who likely just will not care why Beckett is being chased, they will just be looking at their watches waiting for the end to come.

John David Washington has proven that he is a talented actor, and that he can take on action roles without a problem. The issue here is that he does every single thing he can with this script and it still doesn’t deliver. Sure, there are some really cool action scenes, the problem is that no one really knows why they are happening. What is supposed to be a suspenseful mystery just gets annoying.


BECKETT (2021) Boyd Holbrook as Tynan. Cr: Yannis Drakoulidis/NETFLIX

As the plot (very) slowly begins to be revealed, it is already too late. There is very little intrigue or care left in those watching. When there is a wrap up, it is confusing, unexciting, and just kind of there. The major problem with the story is that it keeps the audience guessing until they just do not care anymore, and there is no major payoff to make that worth it.

The script is bland and overly stuffed with action and not enough explanation or relevant dialogue. Beckett has gone through some stuff, and the start of the movie is interesting enough, but then it just falls apart. There is not enough there to connect to, and while viewers should feel bad for him, and perhaps they do at first, interest fades as the film drags on, and on, without revealing much of anything. 


BECKETT (2021) John David Washington as Beckett. Cr: Yannis Drakoulidis/NETFLIX

Honestly the best part of this movie is just how gorgeous the scenery is. It takes place in front of some stunning backgrounds that are very pleasing to the eye. The action is decent for the most part as well, even if there is too much of it without any sort of explanation. 

A movie like this should have viewers on the edge of their seats, with their hearts pounding, as they wait for their minds to be blown. Beckett never even comes close to this. It starts off somewhat strong but then fades into obscurity as it delivers a bland story without any real conclusion.

BECKETT poster

About Beckett

While vacationing in Greece, American tourist Beckett (Washington) becomes the target of a manhunt after a devastating accident. Forced to run for his life and desperate to get across the country to the American embassy to clear his name, tensions escalate as the authorities close in, political unrest mounts, and Beckett falls even deeper into a dangerous web of conspiracy. The film co-stars Boyd Holbrook, Vicky Krieps, and Alicia Vikander.

Beckett is available on Netflix now.