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DC Super Hero Girls: Teen Power Game Review: It’s Fun!

DC Super Hero Girls: Teen Power for Nintendo Switch is a super fun game for all ages — but it does take some getting used to.

dc super hero girls teen power game review

DC Super Hero Girls is one of the best shows on television. The reason it works so well is because it is one that the entire family can enjoy. There is adventure, battles of good vs. evil, and a ton of great characters that fans of DC Comics love to see in animated form. The show has humor for kids, and adults, making it a blast for all who watch. This is the exact same reason why DC Super Hero Girls: Teen Power for Nintendo Switch is a fun for the whole family game!

In this game, players have six playable characters to choose from — Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Supergirl, Harley Quinn, Catwoman, and Star Sapphire. Certain missions require certain characters, however there are open world moments where the player can switch back and forth between the others. In fact, they are encouraged to so that they can power them all up with new moves and new gear — not to mention complete their special side missions too!

dc super hero girls teen power game review

What We Love About This Game

One of the best things about this game is its open world format. While players are guided through a story line, there are many opportunities to bear off the beaten path and explore the cities. There are plenty of side missions to tackle like finding lost cats, cleaning up graffiti, and the biggest hit in our house — Snapping photos for Superstapost.

Superstapost looks like an Instagram-type social media, and players can take photos and post them. If you follow hints as to what is trending, your likes and follower count will grow quicker than if you don’t. This is a fun side mission that can played pretty much from the start of the game. You will also use the camera to unlock secrets, and complete other side missions like locating all the sueprhero logos in the city.

dc super hero girls teen power game review

Another great thing about this game is that eventually you unlock the super-villain characters. This gives the game variety, and adds a lot more to the story. Admittedly, the plot is a bit predictable, but it does it makes sense and does its job of providing missions and bad guys to fight.

Speaking of the battles, one of the coolest things about DC Super Hero Girls: Teen Power is that when you visit the VR game at the Toy Shop, you can replay missions and battles, in order to get that perfect score. This is a nice touch and something that game completionists are sure to appreciate.

dc super hero girls teen power game review

What We Don’t Like About This Game

Unfortunately, this game is not perfect. The controls do take a little bit of getting used to. They try to give you a tutorial at the beginning to help, but flying is one of the hardest things to do in the game — especially for younger kids. After a bit of time playing it, it should become second nature, but it is something that should be mentioned.

Another thing is that a lot of the side missions tend to become repetitive over time. There are enough of them out there so that you can space out the similar ones, but just another thing to keep in mind when playing.

dc super hero girls teen power game review

Overall Thoughts

DC Super Hero Girls: Teen Power is a game where you get to play your favorite superhero OR super-villain, and because of that, it is something that players can have a lot of fun with! There story is simple, yet intriguing, and the battles are a blast! 

The open world concept allows for hours and hours of gameplay — especially if you decide to tackle every side mission that is available. Characters can be leveled up with new powers and gear, giving players something to strive for! 

Overall this game is a must play for DC fans, even if the controls take a little bit of time to figure out.

About DC Super Hero Girls: Teen Power

Something bad is threating Metropolis and it’s even worse than the teachers at Metropolis High School who assign too much homework. The city’s currently under attack by a fiendish group of DC Super-Villains, so if you’ve got superpowers and super style to spare, then Metropolis needs you!

In the DC Super Hero Girls™: Teen Power game for Nintendo Switch system, you’ll get to take on the roles of the superpowered Wonder Woman, Supergirl and Batgirl. Suit up as these butt-kicking besties and make those dastardly Super-Villains change their ways. No one stands in between these DC Super Hero Girls and a good time!

Purchase DC Super Hero Girls: Teen Power here.