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Adverse Review: A Movie That Is Truly A Struggle To Watch

Adverse is a real struggle of a movie to get through due to the dialogue, the cinematography, the sound, the acting, and well, just about everything.

Adverse movie poster

Adverse is an independent movie that I really wanted to like. On paper it sounds like an entertaining movie but unfortunately, it does not pull it off in execution. This one was a real struggle to get through for multiple reasons, and overall it just does not work.

In this movie viewers follows Ethan, who is a rideshare driver, as he seeks revenge when his sister is kidnapper by a mob boss. In the very least I expected this to be a fun revenger thriller, and while it does have a moment or two that are done well, the bad outweighs the good with this one.

adverse movie review

What Works With Adverse

My favorite thing about this movie is the overall revenge plot, and the bloody violence that we get because of it. There are very few moments where this feels like a good action movie, but they are there, and should be mentioned. 

There are a lot of flaws with the dialogue and delivery, but the story itself should be appreciated for what it is. It is clear the plan for this film was to be a revenge thriller and it does meet that criteria, although I would have liked a lot more suspense, and better execution. 

adverse movie review

What Doesn’t Work With Adverse

The dialogue in Adverse is so bad that it is cringeworthy at times. When it comes to Thomas Nicholas, who I do like as an actor, he is doing something with his voice that is completely distracting. I am not sure if he is trying to add in an accent or what, but it comes and goes and pulled me out of the story more often than putting me in it.

There are also too many moments that I assume were trying to be dramatic by having no score in the background but the deafening silence took over and again, pulled me completely out of the story. This made several scenes hard to watch.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, at other times the bass is so off that the movie sounds distorted — so much so that I checked my speakers and played other videos to make sure it was not an issue on my end. These are mostly the moments while Ethan is driving in his car. 

The acting is not great in this movie and it makes me not care about the characters. While I should have been invested in Ethan and his sister, I just wasn’t.

adverse movie review

Overall Thought

Adverse feels like an independent movie, which is not necessarily a bad thing. Honestly some of my favorite movies are independent films, but this was just too much. All of the misses combined together made it a struggle to finish, and I found myself really having trouble focusing on the story at hand. 

This is a real disappointment because I had higher hopes for this movie thanks to the incredible cast and promise of blood and gore, something I enjoy in an action thriller. The potential for a good movie is there, it just doesn’t work out. 

Adverse feels like it never really goes anywhere, and doesn’t accomplish anything. It just isn’t entertaining, and is a struggle to get through for multiple reasons.

About Adverse

Mickey Rourke (The Wrestler) and Thomas Nicholas star in this gritty, intense urban thriller about one man’s quest for revenge. Struggling to make ends meet, ride share driver Ethan (Nicholas) learns his sister Mia is deep in debt to a sleazy drug dealer. When Mia goes missing, Ethan discovers that crime boss Kaden (Rourke) is behind the act, and to get close to him Ethan takes a job as Kaden’s driver. One by one Ethan hunts down members of Kaden’s crew to wreak bloody vengeance as he prepares to confront Kaden himself.

The stellar cast also includes Penelope Ann Miller, Sean Astin and Lou Diamond Phillips.

ADVERSE is currently available on Digital, On Demand and DVD through Lionsgate.