Marvel’s WandaVision Episode 1×9 Recap & Review (SPOILERS)


The time has come. WandaVision episode 9 is here and with it, the finale of the boldest move Marvel has made — here’s my recap and review.

wandavision finale

The finale of WandaVision is upon us and even though we already knew this, Disney+ wanted to stick the nail in the coffee by calling it The Series Finale. Le sigh. It has been fun. Actually, it has been more than fun. This series is the boldest thing that Marvel has ever done and us fans ate it up.

Being able to theorize and discuss week after week is something I hope that continues with their upcoming shows. But let’s focus on WandaVision at the moment. It is over, and did the finale stick the superhero landing? Let’s discuss!

Below is my recap and review of WandaVision episode 9. Be warned, there will be spoilers as I will touch on all major plot points of this episode. If you have not yet watching this episode, and want to go in completely blind, skip this article (but please do come back later for my review). If you missed my WandaVision episode 8 recap, check that out.

WARNING: Spoilers for Marvel’s WandaVision Episode 9
“The Series Finale”

The WandaVision finale is intense pretty much from beginning to end. It picks up exactly where it left off with Wanda vs. Agatha Harkness. Much like Hayward, Agatha is goading Wanda to use her powers so that she can absorb them. By threatening her kids, that is a sure way to get her to use them. When they get free she sends them to their room, and decides to take on Agatha, except Agatha absorbs a bit of her power and Wanda’s hand turns black.

After Wanda tosses a car at her, Agatha disappears and then White Vision shows up. Except he is just like the one from the comics with no memories of her or feelings. He grabs a hold of her head and starts to squeeze, trying to kill her. Vision — her Vision — comes to save her from him. 

Monica is trapped inside Agatha’s house with Fake Pietro, and while there he calls Agatha his “misses”. She then discovers a headshot for Ralph Bohner — turns out he was Ralph all along. She uses her powers to figure out he is being controlled but his necklace, and she rips it off him, freeing him from Agatha’s spell. 

wandavision finale

Over the course of the next twenty minutes or so we get some pretty epic fight scenes between Vision and White Vision, and Wanda and Agatha. We also learn Hayward’s plan is to have Wanda and Vision taken out. He hopes everyone will assume that White Vision is the Vision that Wanda tried to bring back to life. Jimmy Woo tells him that he has the FBI coming within the hour, but is clearly bluffing. Lucky for him he does escape his handcuffs and calls the FBI asking them to come.

wandavision finale

During a “discussion” between Agatha and Wanda, Agatha tells her there is a whole chapter on her in the Darkhold — the book of the damned. We also get a Sorcerer Supreme name drop! She then “cuts the strings” of the people of Westview who break from Wanda’s control. They explain that they constantly feel her pain and when they sleep, they have Wanda’s nightmares. If she isn’t going to let them go, they at least want her to let them die.

wandavision finale

When Wanda opens up the Hex to let the citizens of Westview free, she realizes that in doing so she will destroy her sons, Billy and Tommy, and Vision because with her initial spell she tied them to it. There are some serious Infinity War PTSD vibes here as they begin disintegrate before her eyes. She stops, but Hayward has taken this opportunity the enter the Hex along with a bunch of SWORD agents.

wandavision finale twins

Cut back to the two major battles and we have Vision and White Vision starting in a fight, and ending in a discussion about who is the true Vision — or are neither of them the true Vision? After Vision unlocks the memories for White Vision he flies off and we don’t see him again. Is this a way of keeping Vision in the MCU?

Wanda goes off the fight Agatha again, leaving the boys to handle the military. They do a good job until Hayward shows up and tries to shoot them. Monica, who has now escaped Agatha’s house. Steps in between them and Hayward, changing her the makeup of her body to slow and stop the bullets — crazy.

wandavision finale

Up in the sky we have Wanda taking Agatha back to the time when she was tied to the stake, surrounded by the witches she drained of their power. Except they turn on Wanda, calling her The Scarlet Witch. Agatha tries to make a deal with her, saying that she will fix Wanda’s original spell allowing her to live happily with her family and the people of Westview, if she hands over her powers.

Wanda tells her she doesn’t want them — and can have them — and she throws everything she has at her. Her body is starting to deteriorate as Agatha absorbs everything she is throwing at her. But when Agatha tries to use them Wanda reveals the runes around her, and thanks her for the lesson she gave her in episode 8. She then reveals herself as The Scarlet Witch, complete with an incredible new outfit, and the iconic headdress. Wanda absorbs Agatha’s powers, leaving her almost useless, at least for the moment.

scarlet witch wandavision

Darcy appears for a brief second to pin Hayward’s car with her funnel cake van, and the entire fight is now over. Wanda bans Agatha to Westview to live her role as the nosey neighbor Agnes, for the rest of her life. Before being stuck that way Agatha says that Wanda has unleashed something, and will need her. Wanda states that she knows where to find her if she does and that leaves me thinking we will be seeing Agatha Harkness again.

This is when Wanda realizes what must be done. She needs to make things right, and Vision says he knows that she will, just not for them. She nods with a tear and says “Not for us.” As they walk home she knows these are the last few moments she will be spending with her family. During their walk we see the Hex closing in, and everything returning to normal.

Vision and Wanda tuck the boys in, saying they are proud of them for what they did that day, and that they will always be together because they are family. Vision and Wanda have a heartbreaking conversation as the Hex closes in on them about how they have said goodbye before, so maybe they will say hello again.

wandavision finale

After Vision and her home disappear, Wanda leaves town with everyone staring at her. She briefly talks to Monica who says she would have brought her mother back if she had Wanda’s powers, and she doesn’t hate her. Wanda changes back into her new outfit, and leaves town. 

wandavision finale skrull

There is a mid-credit scene and an end credit scene in the finale. In the mid-credit scene Monica is approached by an agent who says that she is wanted in the theater. Puzzled because it is empty when she gets there, the agent changes into a Skrull (YES!!), and says an old friend of her mom’s wants to see her, and points up when asked where. Talos? Fury? Likely one of the two.

wandvision finale end credit scene

The end credit scene shows Wanda sitting outside a small cabin on a lake, all alone. A tea kettle whistles and she goes inside to get it. The camera pans past her and we see The Scarlet Witch flipping through the Darkhold, seemingly learning all that she can about magic. Then she hears Billy calling out to her, and the series is over.

Does this mean that the multiverse is about to open up and Wanda will go searching for her sons? Probably. As a comic book fan I very much want this to happen, and want Wiccan and Speed to remain in the MCU.

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About WandaVision

Starring Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany, “WandaVision” marks the first series from Marvel Studios streaming exclusively on Disney+. The series is a blend of classic television and the Marvel Cinematic Universe in which Wanda Maximoff and Vision – two super-powered beings living idealized suburban lives – begin to suspect that everything is not as it seems. Key art and new images are also available now.

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