Wrong Turn (2021 Movie) Review: A Predictable But Fun Horror Flick


Wrong Turn 2021 is an update of sorts from the original horror movie. It may be different, but it is just as thrilling and horrific.

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The Wrong Turn franchise started off great but then took a turn for the worse. Technically this 2021 film is the seventh of the series, but it can easily be viewed as a stand alone film. When Jen and her friends disappear while hiking the Appalachian Trail, her father sets out to find her. Little does he know she has unknowingly stumbled into the land of mountain dwellers with her friends. 

This movie has some pretty insane and grotesque deaths, which is something I like in a horror movie. There is also a twist that honestly, I didn’t see coming. It isn’t an award winner by any means, but it is a fun watch, especially if you enjoy films like this.

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What Works With Wrong Turn

Wrong Turn does not waste any time getting to the good stuff. All too often there is a really long set up before the death and gore starts, but not with this movie. After about 15 minutes your heart will start pounding and it won’t stop for over an hour. If you know me, you know I why I like horror movies, and Wrong Turn delivers with some pretty brutal and bloody deaths. 

The story itself is actually pretty good as well, with a bit of a twist coming towards the end. Usually movies like this are predictable, and while it was for the most part, this one took me by surprise. One of the scenes toward the end will probably haunt my dreams forever, largely in part due to the perfect score.

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What Doesn’t Work With Wrong Turn

While the plot is pretty decent overall, it does go off track a bit here and there. You have to take this movie for what it is if you want to enjoy it. The script is clearly trying to add some food for thought when it comes to colonization and barbaric tendencies, but that never quite delivers. However, if you are looking for a bloody horror movie, then this one will satisfy that. 

The ending is more or less a predictable horror movie ending, which I wasn’t a giant fan of. They also try to slip in a joke about inbred cannibals, which fans of the original film will understand, but I found that to be eyeroll worthy instead of funny. 

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Overall Thoughts

The 2021 Wrong Turn film doesn’t take much from the franchise besides its name. While it does include mountain people, the story is much different. Not bad different, just different. There are moments where the script goes off course, and the ending fell a little flat for me. 

Overall though, it is a fun, yet predictable, horror film with some pretty insane and bloody deaths. If that is the sort of thing you enjoy, you are sure to like this one.  

About Wrong Turn

Despite warnings to stick to the Appalachian Trail, hikers stray off course and cross into land inhabited by a hidden community of mountain dwellers who use deadly means to protect their way of life. Suddenly under siege, the friends seem headed to the point of no return — unless one man can reach them in time.

Saban Films will release the horror film On Demand, Digital,
Blu-ray and DVD on February 23, 2021.

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