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Cherry is the latest collaboration between Tom Holland and the Russo Brothers and there are some pretty powerful quotes in this movie.

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Cherry Movie Quotes

Cherry stars Tom Holland and WOW does it have a ton of fantastic quotes — here is a collection of my favorites. As always, I try to avoid spoilers in these, but as you get to the bottom, they could give things away if you have not seen the movie. So be warned if you have not yet watched Cherry — and enjoy these movie quotes!

“I’m 23 years old and I still don’t understand what it is that people do.”

“I don’t understand them either but I like them.”

“Sometimes I wonder if life was wasted on me.”

“I take all the beautiful things to heart and then they f*ck my heart, until I about die from it.”

“One thing about robbing banks is you are mostly robbing women so the last thing you want to be is rude.”

“Everything was dismal as murder.”

“I don’t want to do this for the rest of my life.”

“I couldn’t help noticing that he looked all helpless waving his arms around, and that probably no one would listen to him fore the rest of his life.”

“After a few hits we felt like we were winning again.”

“That’s kind of disrespectful.”
“Yeah well, that’s just how some boys talk.”

“Sometimes I feel like I’ve already seen everything that’s gonna happen and it’s a nightmare.”

“Why are you being so sweet to me?”

“Sometimes I feel like love doesn’t actually exist. It’s just pheromones playing tricks on people.”

“This guy had a face like death and every other word out of his mouth was joker.”

“I was too easy. He knew he had me and so by the next day I was sworn in.”

“You came here to say goodbye to me, with him?”

“The only reason I was going to Montreal was to get away from you.”

“So we went down to the courthouse. And we got married. And then we went to celebrate. It’s as if we were the two most beautiful things in the world.”

“You know what color blood is, right?”

“Drill Sergeants pretended to be real angry all the time.”

“Wake up son!”

“The only way not to graduate basic training was to try to kill yourself.”

“So don’t ever join the f*cking Army.”

“Then I felt embarrassed because it was a stupid thing to have said.”

“You got your cherry popped today.”

“Everything there was about dying.”

“My one true accomplishment was not dying, and I really didn’t have anything to do with that.”

“The world meant something different to them than it did to us.”

“He wasn’t the only one with problems. I didn’t sleep and when I did, I dreamt of violence.”

“I punched a bathroom mirror on accident while I was washing my hands.”

“I tried but you guys kept transferring my file.”

“And that is how we became addicts.”

“I like candy. Can I try it?”

“I don’t imagine anyone goes in for a robbery if they’re not in some kind of desperation.”

“If we don’t take him to the hospital, he’s gonna die.”

“We never did find out how he got shot.”

“If you’re gonna shoot me can we go somewhere else? You know, for the neighbors.”

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About Cherry

Cherry follows the wild journey of a disenfranchised young man from Ohio who meets the love of his life, only to risk losing her through a series of bad decisions and challenging life circumstances. Inspired by the best-selling novel of the same name, Cherry features Tom Holland in the title role as an unhinged character who drifts from dropping out of college to serving in Iraq as an Army medic and is only anchored by his one true love, Emily (Ciara Bravo).

When Cherry returns home a war hero, he battles the demons of undiagnosed PTSD and spirals into drug addiction, surrounding himself with a menagerie of depraved misfits. Draining his finances, Cherry turns to bank robbing to fund his addiction, shattering his relationship with Emily along the way. Brought to the screen in bold, gritty fashion by visionary directors Anthony and Joe Russo, Cherry is a darkly humorous, unflinching coming-of-age story of a man on a universal quest for purpose and human connection.

Cherry comes to select theaters on February 26, 2021
and globally on Apple TV+ on Friday, March 12, 2021.

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