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The Midnight Sky Review: Is It Worth A Watch?

In this review of The Midnight Sky I will explain if I think it is worth a watch or not. The Midnight Sky is now on Netflix.

the midnight sky

On paper The Midnight Sky seems like a film I would absolutely love. Sci-Fi genre, talented group of actors, and a huge twist ending? Sign me up! Unfortunately this movie does not deliver. At all. It is too long, too slow, and has absolutely no character development. For me, this one is not worth a watch.

It isn’t all bad though, there are some laugh out loud moments, and I could sort of relate to the pregnant Sully, played Felicity Jones. One of my favorite parts in this movie is when she is mad at someone because she had a dream they did something mean to her. My husband laughed and said that is me. And it is. 

But when that is my second favorite part in a movie like this, that is not a good sign. My first favorite is a pretty big spoiler but let’s just say it involves some gore, which you guys know I love. There is supposed to be drama and suspense in this movie but it just feels boring and slow. Augustine and Iris never seem to be in any real danger, and I honestly, I don’t care about the characters enough to care if one of them dies.

the midnight sky

Visually Stunning

I will admit, however, that this movie is absolutely gorgeous to look at. You can tell it had a big budget because almost every single background is just WOW. There were many moments I wanted to just pause and look at the scene, because there was so much beauty to it.

So if you are into movies that look really pretty on screen, you might want to check out The Midnight Sky, just don’t expect the story to be up to par with the scenery.

the midnight sky

A Little Too Far-Fetched

I know this is a sci-fi movie and I really shouldn’t nitpick it, but my husband and I had the best time joking about all the advancements that have been made just 29 years from now. Holograms where you can hang out with your family while on a spaceship? Cool! 

And why oh why is the Aether SO BIG if it is only for 5 people? That sure seems like a waste of tax payer money. Again, this is me just nitpicking, but it was a running joke throughout the film between us.

the midnight sky

THE MIDNIGHT SKY (2020) George Clooney as Dr Augustine Lofthouse.

Overall Thoughts

The Midnight Sky gives me some serious Interstellar vibes, except Interstellar is way better. I say this sadly because after reading the synopsis and seeing the trailer, I thought The Midnight Sky would be a great film. I love science fiction movies and this seemed right up my alley. 

Unfortunately it drags on for way too long, clocking in at two hours. Not only that, during that whole time there seemed to be zero character development. I didn’t care about or connect to any of the characters, which makes me sad because if I did, that would have been a really emotional twist in the end!

Yes, I laughed a few times and it is an absolutely gorgeous movie to watch, but other than that, it doesn’t have much appeal. This talented group of actors seems to be wasted in a movie that just isn’t worth watching. 

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the midnight sky

About The Midnight Sky

In the aftermath of a global catastrophe, a lone scientist in the Arctic races to contact a crew of astronauts with a warning not to return to Earth.

Watch The Midnight Sky on Netflix now.