The Scariest Quotes From The 2020 Movie Songbird


Songbird is most certainly a movie that can hit too close to home, and it is filled with some pretty bone chilling quotes.

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Songbird is a movie based on, well, what we are all going through right now. However, it is a bit too far fetched to seem completely realistic. And trust me, that is a good thing. I put together a collection of the scariest and most bone chilling quotes from this movie below.

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Songbird Quotes

The below quotes are a little bit TOO close to home right now, considering what this movie is based on. 

“Remember the good old days of fake news, real news is worse.”

“There ain’t no good news coming.”

“Yesterday I saw a 10 year old girl being dragged from her house and be taken to the Q-zone.”

How did I steal them? No one was around, they were just sitting there.

“I was on lock down long before it was fashionable.”

“Disobedience is spreading like a tornado.”

“Every time you open that door, you risk letting in whatever is out there.”

“It’s nice to know there is something out there that can still kill you.”

“What chance do any of us have if we get this thing?”

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About Songbird

Immune to the COVID-23 virus, a courier races against time to save the woman he loves from a quarantine camp.

Songbird is available to watch via Premium Video On Demand on December 11th!

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