Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit Video Game Review


Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit is insane amounts of fun! Build your own real like Mario Kart course in your home and then race through it! A HUGE thank you Nintendo for sending us the Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit kit plus some added goodies so that we could check it out for ourselves! All opinions expressed are 100% our own.

mario kart live home circuit review

Something you likely already know about my family is that we are HUGE gamers. We almost always spend our weekends playing board games, video games, and bonding through competition! My husband and I were both raised as gamers and are doing the same with our daughters. We were THRILLED to spend this weekend turning our entire house into crazy race courses and playing Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit (and driving our dogs batty with it!). 

The Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit package comes with everything you need to start racing! The game is free to download on the Nintendo eShop so be sure to do that first. Inside the package is a Mario Kart car (Mario or Luigi), 4 gates, and 2 arrow barriers. However, you can use anything — and I mean anything — to help make your course even crazier! From stuffed animals, to traffic cones, to furniture, the possibilities are endless!

mario kart live home circuit review

What We Love About It

There is so much to love about Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit, besides the fact that it sparks creativity and brings one of our favorite games to life. Something that we noticed right away is camera quality! I was shocked at how great it looked on our Nintendo Switch screen. Plus, there were no glitches! It was super easy to connect the car to our Switch and we were able to start playing just minutes after opening the package.

The actual car goes a lot slower than I expected and trust me, this is a good thing. It doesn’t seem slow while looking at the Nintendo Switch screen, at all, so it doesn’t ruin your gameplay. But in real life it goes slow enough that it won’t damage items around your house, or itself. If it was zooming along as fast as it looks on screen and then hit a table leg, everything would come crashing down. So this is a huge plus for parents! 

As a massive fan of the Mario Kart games I love that you still collect items while racing! You can throw banana peels, chain chomps, and even use mushrooms to speed yourself up! The more you play, the more items you unlock — like new outfits for Mario and Luigi and more complex gates like the Piranha Plant gate!

mario kart live home circuit review

What We Don’t Love About It

There is not a whole lot about Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit that we don’t like. I suppose, if we were really being picky, it would be that in order to play multiplayer races you need multiple Nintendo Switches and multiple Mario Kart Live cars. 

For us, the Nintendo Switches aren’t a problem. We already own two of them. For the Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit packs I do understand that $99.99 seems like a high price point, especially if you need more than one of them. However, it really does feel like a fair price. The game itself is free to download, which certainly helps when you are using multiple Switches to play.

The biggest issue right now is that it is currently hard to find. I guess with many people stuck in their houses still, this is a very welcome new way to spend your time! So for now we are just taking turns playing — but we do love to stand on the sidelines and cheer each other on!

mario kart live home circuit review

Overall Thoughts

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit is a super fun and unique Nintendo Switch game. It is a great way for the whole family to express their creativity, and to bring Mario Kart to life! The fact that you can be racing within minutes of opening up the box is a huge perk, and of course, who doesn’t love it when you can unlock more things the more you play.

With everyone stuck inside right now, and cold weather just around the corner, this is the perfect game that the whole family is sure to love. Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit also makes a great birthday or holiday gift.  

mario kart live home circuit review

About Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit

Race a real-world Mario Kart™ through your home! Use the Nintendo Switch™ system to control your kart and watch as it reacts to what’s happening in the game as you boost and drift to victory. Your in-home course comes to life on-screen with a view from right behind the driver’s seat.

Get your copy of Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit now!

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