Wizards: Tales Of Arcadia Review: Full Of Magic And Wonder


Wizards: Tales Of Arcadia is the final chapter in the trilogy. It’s packed with drama, action, & magic — all while teaching great life lessons in the process.

wizards tales of arcadia

In Wizards: Tales Of Arcadia three worlds collide for an epic finale. Fans of the series will be thrilled with how everything ties together. On the same note, if you haven’t watched the previous chapters of the trilogy – Trollhunters and 3Below – you can still enjoy Wizards. However, I recommend checking them out when you get the chance. Who knows, after you watch Wizards you might be dying to watch the rest of the Tales Of Arcadia trilogy!

At the beginning of Wizards, Douxie is revealed to be a wizard and apprentice to Merlin. When the world is threatened, Merlin calls on him to gather Steve and Toby and get to him immediately. He does, and they head off to Camelot, which is now a floating castle in the sky. Claire and Blinky are there waiting for them, as well as Jim, who is in stasis to save his life, thanks to Merlin. 

wizards tales of arcadia

They are attacked and then something crazy happens — Douxie, Claire, Jim, and Steve end up going back in time. Way back in time. Back to the time of Arthur and Morgana. About 900 years, right around the big war with Gunmar. Their goal is to not alter history at all costs, but with two Douxies running around, it is only a matter of time before they do.

What ensues is a lot of action, hilarity, and fantasy. Steve becomes a knight, Claire ends up as a hand maiden to Morgana (who tried to kill her in the present.. can you say awkward?), and Jim is banned from Camelot because he is part troll. 

wizards tales of arcadia

Life Lessons

Wizards teaches a lot of great lessons to viewers amidst all the magic, fantasy, and action. Arthur is dead set on killing any creature he doesn’t understand like trolls, fairies, and well, all magical creatures. This clearly isn’t the right thing to do because these creatures are just trying to live their lives. 

When watching with my daughters they both pointed out that Arthur shouldn’t be judging them just because he doesn’t understand them and their magic. Just because he is scared of them, doesn’t mean they are dangerous. Some people are dangerous, but not all of them are. The same is true with all of these creatures. I love that they came up with this thought on their own, and that Wizards was able to help them understand it.

wizards tales of arcadia

Wizards does a great job of showing the consequences for thinking this way. I refuse to get into spoilers but as a parent, I am really happy with the way they handled it. It is easy for kids to understand, and will make parents smile too.

Along the same lines, Wizards shows that people are a product of their past. With Douxie, Claire, Steve, and Jim traveling back in time, they were able to meet Morgana before she became the Queen of Darkness. Claire worked closely with her at the beginning of the season and I think part of her understood what turned Morgana into the evil that she becomes. Another lesson of not judging people right off the bat. You will never really understand them until you get to know them and where they came from.

We also get a whole lot of friendship lessons. How important friendship is in almost every situation. It made me realize how much I miss physically seeing my friends during these crazy times. What this group has is very special. The voice actors really help push the chemistry between them all.

Girl Power

As a woman and a mom of girls, I also really enjoyed the girl power aspect to this show. Claire and Morgana steal a lot of the show, and I liked getting to know them even better in Wizards. Throughout the season I feel like both of these characters grow. I won’t say more because I don’t want to give spoilers away, but I just really enjoyed these characters.

There is also a great female addition of Callista, who I fell in love with immediately. Despite her hard exterior, she is a very lovable character. She is voiced by one of my favorite actresses, Stephanie Beatriz, who I think is the PERFECT choice. Trust me. You will see what I mean.

wizards tales of arcadia

Overall Thoughts

I do not want to dive into too much more of the season, because it really is something that should be experienced yourself. Personally, I really enjoyed seeing the backstory for a lot of the characters I have seen throughout Tales Of Arcadia, and I love the focus on Douxie. He is one of my favorite characters in the series so it was nice to see two of him this season!

This show is filled with action, fantasy, girl power, and life lessons. What more could you ask for? Those that have watched the other Tales Of Arcadia series will be particularly thrilled with all the cameos from characters they know and love already. Seeing another side of them, and what made them into who they are, brings a new depth to them. 

The animation has greatly improved from the first Trollhunters: Tales Of Arcadia series, which really pleased me as well. I am sure this is due to advances in technology, and also a bigger budget due to proving themselves as a fantastic trilogy. The magic is some of the most beautiful animation I have seen. 

Wizards: Tales Of Arcadia is a really quick binge watch with just 10 episodes averaging 24 minutes each. Fans will love it, and those that are new to Tales Of Arcadia will want to deep dive into the earlier series. 

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wizards tales of arcadia

About Wizards: Tales Of Arcadia

Following Trollhunters and the second series 3Below, Wizards marks the final chapter in the epic Tales of Arcadia trilogy that brings together the three disparate worlds of trolls, aliens and wizards. In the newest installment, wizard-in-training Douxie (Colin O’Donoghue) and the heroes of Arcadia embark on a time-bending adventure to medieval Camelot that leads to an apocalyptic battle for the control of magic that will determine the fate of these supernatural worlds that have now converged.

Created and executive produced by del Toro, Wizards is also executive produced by Marc Guggenheim and Chad Hammes. Chad Quandt & Aaron Waltke serve as co-executive producers.

The final chapter in the Tales of Arcadia trilogy is a high-stakes culmination of the three worlds of Trollhunters, 3Below, and Wizards as they begin to collide.

Along with stunning animation and storytelling, Wizards features an all-star cast, including returning fan favorites as well as new additions. Returning are Colin O’Donoghue as Merlin’s apprentice Douxie; Emile Hirsch as Jim; Lexi Medrano as Claire; Charlie Saxton as Toby; Steven Yeun as Steve; David Bradley as Merlin; Lena Headey as Morgana; Fred Tatasciore as Aaarrrgghh!!!; Clancy Brown as Gunmar, Diego Luna as Krel; Mark Hamill  as Dictatious; and Kelsey Grammer in his Emmy Award-winning role as Blinky.

Joining the series are Alfred Molina as Douxie’s shape-shifting familiar Archie, Stephanie Beatriz as troublemaker troll Callista, James Faulkner as legendary ruler of Camelot King Arthur, and John Rhys-Davies as Galahad.

Wizards: Tales Of Arcadia comes to Netflix August 7th!


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