Central Park Episode Seven: Squirrel, Interrupted Review


Apple TV+’s Central Park episode seven is titled Squirrel, Interrupted and it kicks right off with one of the best songs of season one!

central park apple tv+ review

From the first song of the season, I was hooked on Apple TV+’s Central Park. Somehow it just keeps getting better and better! By this episode, episode seven, I have completely fallen in love with the Tillermans — and I certainly love to hate Bitsy. 

Warning: Spoilers for Central Park episode seven.

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In this episode, the boys are off on an adventure, and the girls are off on a different one. Molly has just realized that after years of playing her mom in Chess, her mom has been letting her win. This time she actually wins, and her mom lets the cat our of the bag. 

To prove how good she is, and because she wants a challenge, Molly heads off to the Chess players in the park. With her mom Paige in tow — who is very nervous that her daughter will be destroyed and not want to play Chess with her anymore. 

I think this part really resonated with me because my husband and I recently taught our daughters how to play Chess. This reminded me of how much I love playing with them — and made me feel better about never letting them win. 

central park squirrel interrupted


Meanwhile, Owen and Cole are on a squirrel scavenger hunt — called the Squavenger Hunt. This is something that Cole looks forward to every year. It is based on a book series that he read and Own starts to drive him crazy when he points out all the flaws in the story.

Basically Paige and Owen are experiencing total opposite days — one is having the best day and one is having the worst day. I don’t want to give major spoilers, but let me just say that the way this episode turns out made it one of my favorites — especially being a mom. 

About Central Park

In this animated musical comedy, Owen Tillerman and his family live an unconventional life in New York’s bustling Central Park, which Owen manages. Now, they’ll have to fend off a wealthy hotel heiress who wants to turn the park into condos.

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