The Funniest Quotes From Netflix’s Space Force


Space Force is a new comedy that hit Netflix today and trust me when I say, it will have you laughing until you cry! Here are my favorite Space Force quotes.

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If you are a fan of The Office, I am some fantastic news for you. The creator has a new show that just came out on Netflix today called Space Force. And guess what? It also stars Steve Carell. If you haven’t read my Space Force season one review yet, be sure to do so. And then get to binge watching! 

If you have already watched this hilarious show, then you know it is full of fantastic one liners. The best part? They come from almost every member of the cast! They all contribute to the humor in this show, and I love it!

space force

Space Force Quotes

This new Netflix show is nothing short of hilarious — and I have the quotes to prove it! I tried to keep these as spoiler free as I could, but if you want to go into Space Force totally blind, come back to this article after watching it.

“I only wish that my parents could have been here to see this…but they were unable to get flights from New Jersey in time.” – General Naird

“Gender roles…offensive and out of date. Like you.” – General Naird

“POTUS wants to make some changes. He’s tweeting about it every five minutes.”

“Boots on the moon in 2024. Actually he said boobs on the moon, but we believe that to be a typo.”

“When I hired you…” – Dr. Mallory
“I hired you!” – General Naird

“I don’t know if that is a noun, a verb, or an adjective describing my outfit.” – Dr. Mallory

“It was a very successful mission ordered by POTUS himself which proved assault rifles will work in the vacuum of space.” – General Naird
“Which was never in doubt.” – Dr. Mallory

“I should be tweeting this.” – F. Tony

“I saw history being made and couldn’t resist being part of it.” – F. Tony

“Oh that says house appropriations. So close to mouse appropriations.” – Dr. Chan Kaifang

“Scientists are weird. That’s why your the only Muppet that speaks nonsense. Even Animal uses words.” – F. Tony

“Why am I in trouble because Boomers are weird around women.” – F. Tony

“I believe there is a higher degree of probability she’s wearing those type of panties than no panties at all.” – Dr. Mallory

“The movie might have sucked, but that soundtrack was FIRE!” – F. Tony

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About Space Force

A group of people are tasked with establishing the U.S. Space Force.

Space Force is on Netflix now!

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  1. I’m glad to find another nerd who gets this show. Sigh. Anyway, after someone refers to hired people as having “advanced degrees” e.g. B.A. or M.A., Mallory replies something like, “It’s cute he thinks those are advanced degrees.” That is 3rd-order snark, right there. How could I find that exact quote? I need to share with my fellow snotty doctorate holders ;^)

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