Defending Jacob Review: A Murder Mystery That Will Have You Hooked


Defending Jacob is a little bit too drawn out, but it is still a great crime drama that will have viewers on the edge of their seat waiting for answers.

defending jacob review

From the first episode of Defending Jacob, you are sure to be hooked. Sure, moments in this series are a slow, and perhaps the story is dragged out a little too long, but it is still more than worth a watch. As a viewer, I was on the edge of my seat, just waiting for answers. My mind kept changing — was Jacob innocent? Or guilty? And I know I can’t be the only one that wavered between the two.

defending jacob review

Chris Evans and Michelle Dockery are fantastic in their roles. I can not even imagine what a parent would be going through in a time like this, but they pulled it off. To go from sad, to depressed, to angry, to happy so quickly like that. It was perfect. 

Each episode tells more about the story, but at the same time, leaves us guessing more and more. Did Jacob kill Ben? The fact that we were never shown that morning is a great way to keep the viewers guessing. I know I had no clue what to believe! Jaeden Martell was a great choice to play Jacob. He portrayed him perfectly because I could never figure out just what was going on in that brain of his. And his last scene of the series was phenomenal. Just phenomenal.

defending jacob review

Is It Too Drawn Out?

I have seen that a lot of people are upset about the length of Defending Jacob. They are saying that it easily could have been a five or six part series, are moments are drawn out. While I do agree with this to some degree, I also think that a lot of what we see is necessary. With the major twists coming at you from every direction, and the fact that you never really know the full story, even the smallest moments are meant to help you come to your own conclusion.

Sure, it is not until the seventh episode that we even get into the trial of Jacob. And perhaps that seems a tad rushed compared to the rest. But I totally understand the set-up, and really enjoyed the ride! Yes, it is drawn out. But it feels like it is drawn out with a purpose. For me, that ending was worth the wait. For me, it was a payoff. A great one.

defending jacob review

Different Than The Book

If you are a fan of the book, you probably already know that the Apple TV+ version of Defending Jacob is different. I knew this and I haven’t read the book, just from looking up the show. Of course that meant I had to read spoilers for the book after finishing this mini-series and it is indeed, quite different toward the end.

However, I really like the changes that they made. I think I prefer it to the book ending. Although not having read the book and only an article summarizing it online, I do still plan to read the book when I have time. 

If you want to know all the details (SPOILER WARNING) I break down the Defending Jacob show and book ending differences here.

defending jacob

Overall Thoughts

Defending Jacob is a crime thriller mini-series that will certainly keep you guessing about what actually happened. I was sucked in from episode one, and although sometimes it got slow, I was always eager to truck on through and discover what was going to happen next. 

My favorite thing about Defending Jacob is it not predictable at all. With twists and turns coming from every direction, you can never really guess what the truth is. In fact, we never get answers. While that might be frustrating to some, I kind of love that we have to make our own decision on if Jacob is guilty or innocent.

About Defending Jacob

After a shocking crime rocks a small town, an assistant district attorney finds himself torn between his sworn duty to uphold the law and his unconditional love for his son.

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