Spirit Riding Free: Riding Academy Is A Must Watch For Spirit Fans


Spirit Riding Free: Riding Academy is coming to Netflix and this is a MUST WATCH for all Spirit fans! The next step in Lucky’s adventure continues the fun!

spirit riding free riding academy

My daughters are huge Spirit Riding Free fans. They have seen all the episodes (more than once) and they collect all the toys (check out this PLAYMOBIL Spirit play set). When I told them that there was going to be a new Spirit Riding Free series coming to Netflix called Riding Academy, I could see the joy in their faces.

And then when I added thanks to DreamWorks I had the first 6 episodes on my computer — I think their little brains exploded. They begged to watch them RIGHT away, so we made some popcorn and settled in. After 3 hours of binge-watching, they declared Spirit Riding Free: Riding Academy their new favorite show!

spirit riding free riding academy

Why Will You Love Spirit?

If you have little (or big) fans of Spirit, they are sure to love this show! Don’t worry parents — I bet you will enjoy it too. There are great lessons for kids to learn. Plus, it is one of those kids shows that isn’t unbearable to watch (we all know there are some out there). I really enjoyed my time cuddling with my girls, snacking, and getting to know Spirit. In all honestly I had not watched Spirit Riding Free — but now when they ask me to join in, I will jump at the chance!

spirit riding free riding academy

About Spirit Riding Academy

Lucky, Pru and Abigail are preparing to leave Miradero on their next, exciting adventure as they move away to boarding school at Palamino Bluffs Riding Academy! But moving far from home definitely comes with challenges as the girls are faced with fresh responsibilities and experiences.

From meeting their new competition, the BUDs, to fitting in among their fellow Foals (first-term students) their transition to the academy is anything but easy. Along the way the PALs will make new friends and explore their individual talents as they grow up and discover their new home together.

spirit riding free riding academy

This talented cast includes the voice of Amber Frank as Lucky, Sydney Park as Pru, Bailey Gambertoglio as Abigail, Darcy Rose Byrnes as Maricela, Nolan North as Jim Prescott, and Kari Wahlgren as Aunt Cora. This season also features great guest stars including Rhys Darby as Headmaster Perkins and Rob Riggle as Sergeant Major Schumann.

DreamWorks Spirit Riding Free: Riding Academy t​rots onto Netflix April 3!

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