The Best Quarantine Shirts To Buy Right Now


We are all stuck at home so why not go on an online shopping spree! This collection of quarantine shirts will have you chuckling, and spending money!

quarantine shirt

Since we are all stuck inside and just got some sweet stimulus money, why not spend it on ridiculous things. Isn’t that the American way? But no for real, I have been having the most fun browsing funny shirts lately, and these quarantine ones really made me open up my wallet! I knew TeePublic would have some great options because they do for every occasion (just check out these Tiger King shirts!).

Quarantine Shirts

Most of these shirts are hilarious and will make you laugh. But some of them are meant to honor others, and aren’t funny. Either way, none of these are meant to offend. To order a shirt simply click the photo or the link below it. 


quarantine shirt

Stay 6 Feet Away

quarantine shirt

Social Distancing Champion

quarantine shirt


2020 dumpster fire shirt

Dumpster Fire 2020

quarantine shirt

Stay At Home Festival

club quarantine shirt

Club Quarantine

seniors quarantine shirt

Seniors 2020

essential employee shirt

Essential Employee

tp shortage shirt

Toilet Paper Shortage

wash your hands shirt

Wash Your Hands

Fauci Hope shirt

Fauci Hope

In Fauci We Trust T-Shirt

In Fauci We Trust

essential employee shirt

Essential Worker

Not All Superheroes Wear Capes shirt

Not All Superheroes Wear Capes

quarantine shirt

Which one of these is your favorite? I honestly don’t think I could choose! I hope you like this list, but remember, you can always browse all the shirts that TeePublic has to offer — there are so many more! 

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