Stargirl Proves The Importance Of Being True To Yourself


Disney+’s Stargirl starts off slow, but ultimately comes through and inspires young kids to always stay true to themselves — a lesson everyone should learn.

stargirl movie review

Disney+’s new original movie Stargirl, based off the book of the same name, is a true inspiration. My young daughters enjoyed it so much that they wanted to  start it over again the second it ended (and I was totally OK with that). A quirky new girl, Stragirl, comes to Mica Area High School and isn’t afraid to be herself. She is different — and that is OK. She quickly becomes a “good luck charm” and befriends Leo, who has been trying his best to blend in with the crowd.

This movie teaches the lesson of being true to yourself. One of the best lessons anyone can learn. The more we learn about the Stargirl, the more we grow to love her. She isn’t without her faults, but she embraces them. When she does something wrong, she takes a step back to analyze the situation and see how she can grow. That is when she earned a deep respect from me.

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Starts Off Slow

Sure, this movie starts off slow. I have to admit, I was starting to get nervous for it until about 30 minutes in when I got sucked in. My young daughters (7 and 8) were already hooked from about the 5 minute mark. As we learned more about Leo, and why he refuses to stand out in a crowd, we also learn about Stargirl, and why she embraces her weird side.

Both of my girls have their very own personalities and they love to stand out and be themselves. I was never that way in school, although I feel like I have come into my own in the last few years. Perhaps that is why I enjoyed this movie and the lessons it teaches so much. I guess I wish I was a little more like Stargirl as a teenager — but I am so thankful that my daughters are.

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The Music

My favorite scenes were all musical scenes. From Stargirl’s very first performance of “Happy Birthday”, to Leo’s show stopping “Just What I Needed”, I found myself bopping and singing along. Both Grace VanderWaal and Graham Verchere can sing! Those kids have a very bright future ahead of them. 

My girls have both asked me if we can get the soundtrack — and so we did. As I type this they are practicing their dance moves for “Be True To Your School” which they intend to perform for my husband when he gets home from work. That right there — that makes my heart sing. So thank you Stargirl for proving to my girls just how important it is to be true to yourself. I sure hope they never lose that inspiration. And if they do, we might just have to watch this movie again.

An Emotional Rollercoaster

It should come as no surprise to you that this movie made me cry because… well…. just about every movie makes me cry. There were a few moments though, that had me surprised with myself when I didn’t tear up. Like the very first few lines where we find out Leo’s father has died.

However, there was a moment at the end that got to me. I could blame it on my 7 year old sobbing next to me, and my 8 year old trying her best to hide her tears, but I think it was just that I was so wrapped up in Stargirl and Leo at that point. I refuse to give spoilers, but just be ready to possibly shed some tears. 

stargirl movie review

The Changed Ending

After watching the movie I looked up the ending of the book because I had read that it was changed. And I think I prefer the book ending over the Disney+ movie ending. Don’t get me wrong. I totally see why it was changed. But it might have had more of an impact if they kept the original ending. Since I am not giving anything away, I can’t explain it here. However, Indie Wire discusses the Stargirl ending and it’s changes, so feel free to read that if you wish to know.

Overall Thoughts

Overall I have to say this movie is well worth a watch. Especially if you have young children and want to watch it with them. Power through the first 20-30 minutes and you will end up with a beautifully done film that will show you the importance of being true to yourself.

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About Stargirl

Leo Borlock (Graham Verchere) is an average student at Mica High School. He gets decent grades, is a member of the school’s marching band and has always been content flying under the radar. But all that changes when he meets Stargirl Caraway (Grace VanderWaal), a confident and colorful new student with a penchant for the ukulele, who stands out in a crowd.

She is kind, finds magic in the mundane and touches the lives of others with the simplest of gestures. Her eccentricities and infectious personality charm Leo and the student body, and she quickly goes from being ignored and ridiculed to accepted and praised, then back again, sending Leo on a rollercoaster ride of emotions.

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