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The Best & Most Hilarious Jojo Rabbit Quotes

Jojo Rabbit is hands down one of the best movies I have ever seen — and that is largely in part because of the hilarious movie quotes.

jojo rabbit quotes

I have been saying that Taika Waititi is a genius for quite some time now and if Jojo Rabbit is not proof of that, I don’t know what is. He somehow has you crying one minute, and laughing the next. Not to mention he actually made me like a Nazi or two. All largely in part because of these fantastic movie quotes from Jojo Rabbit. 

Be sure to check out my Jojo Rabbit review if you have not already, and enjoy this collection of hilarious quotes!

Jojo Rabbit Quotes

Here is a collection of my absolute favorite quotes from this movie. I dare you not to laugh while reading them.

It took him three weeks to get over the fact that his grandmother was not blond. – Rosie

I’m unemployed and quite fat now. – “Nathan”

It’s so sad for you. You’ve lost your mind. – Rosie

Definitely not a good time to be a Nazi. – Yorki

jojo rabbit

We’ll burn down the house and blame Winston Churchill. – Hitler

I think you’ll find that metal is the strongest thing in the world, followed closely by dynamite, and then muscles. – Jojo

You’re not a Nazi, Jojo. You’re a ten-year-old kid who likes dressing up in a funny uniform and wants to be part of a club. – Elsa

No. I am not that hungry. For now, I am just going to chew on these grapes. – Rosie

We need someone to walk the clones, because some of them are malfunctioning. – Fraulein Rahm

I wish more of our young boys had your blind fanaticism. – Deertz

Jojo Rabbit

Let them say whatever they want. People used to say a lot of nasty things about me. “Oh, this guy’s a lunatic.” “Oh, look at that psycho. He’s gonna get us all killed.” – Hitler

Today you boys will be involved in such activities as war games, ambush techniques, and blowing stuff up. – Captain Klenzendorf

Kids, it’s time to burn some books! – Fraulein Rahm

Did you know Jews can read each other’s minds? – Jojo

Hey Jojo, you’ll never guess what’s in the camel’s humps. Fat. Disgusting. – Hitler

jojo rabbit supporting cast

You’re growing up too fast. Ten-year-olds shouldn’t be celebrating war and talking politics. – Rosie

I gotta go, we’re having unicorn for dinner at my place tonight. – Hitler

If I tell on you, you’ll be in big trouble. – Jojo

jojo rabbit movie poster

About Jojo Rabbit

Jojo is a lonely German boy who discovers that his single mother is hiding a Jewish girl in their attic. Aided only by his imaginary friend — Adolf Hitler — Jojo must confront his blind nationalism as World War II continues to rage on.