The Best & Most Inspiring Disney Channel’s Zombies 2 Quotes


Disney Channel’s new original movie is finally here! I absolutely loved Zombies 2, especially because all of the amazing and inspiring quotes.

zombies 2 quotes

Zombies 2 is finally out and I am HYPED because I loved the first movie! My daughters and I sat down to watch it together and I must say, we all really enjoyed it. This movie has so many great life lessons — and I think everyone should watch it. Here are some of my favorite Zombies 2 quotes.

Be careful! These quotes can be used to figure out the plot of the movie, and there may be some spoilers ahead. So if you haven’t watched it yet, I suggest waiting until after you have to check these out.

zombies 2

Zombies 2 Quotes

Zombies is one of my favorite Disney Channel Original Movies, so I was hyped to see Zombies 2. I am so glad I watched it because it was actually filled with some really inspiring quotes. There are lots of good lessons to be learned in this movie, and I think it is great for kids to watch.

Welcome back to Seabrook. Where belonging is everything. – Zed

Seabrook forgot monsters were real. – Addison

It’s hard to bury your past. – Zed

It’s hard to believe there was a time when people were afraid of zombies. – Zed

We’re gonna break you down and build you back up into peppy little cheer machines. – Bucky

zombies 2 quotes bucky

I’m not anti-change, I’m pro keeping things the way they are. – Bucky

We are different, but that’s what makes us stronger. – Addison

Werewolves are just myths… Yeah, like cavities.

I’m way too tasty. I’m always looking like a snack. – Bucky

The only problem is a bunch of bloodthirsty werewolves. We can fix that. – Zed

zombies 2 quotes addison

And when I’m cheer captain you’ll be welcome to stay because I’ll be making cheer about bringing people together. – Addison

Only thing that is worse than our bark’s our bite. – Willa

We’re on a quest to find the power that’s inside of us. – Wyatt

Anyone can run for President. – Addison

We can’t lose control. We are not monsters. – Zed

zombies 2 quotes zed

That just means neither of us can lose because one of us is going to get what we want. And I’m OK with that. – Zed

That dog just ate my homework! – Bree

Our pack is our pack. – Wynter. 

Who doesn’t want more friends? Underneath all that puffy hair I bet your a softy. – Zoey

Just lighten up. Be more like us. – Zed

The cheer team is for everyone. – Addison

I’m not threatened. – Zed

Cheer is about what I say it’s about. And it’s about winning. – Bucky

I always felt like an outsider. – Addison

zombies 2 quotes

The more I cover up my flaws, the more they appear. – Addison

It’s OK to be impressed. – Wynter

Werewolves – they know hair. – Addison
And manicures. – Wynter

All I’ve ever wanted is to find my pack. – Addison

Stay out of our amazing hair. – Willa

You lost yourself first. – Eliza

zombies 2 quotes zed

You have every right to fight for who you are. – Zed

We won’t break. We’re more than flesh & bone. – Cast

We came from the bottom, then became the problem. – Zed

Your beautiful Addy, but the same beautiful that you’ve always been. – Bree

Bad laws are meant to be broken. – Zed

I couldn’t handle the fact that you might be a monster because I can’t accept the fact that I am one. – Zed

zombies 2 quotes

About Zombies 2

Chronicling the continuing adventures of Seabrook High students Addison and Zed, whose budding romance is threatened by the arrival of werewolves.

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