The Lion King Scavenger Hunt at Disney’s Animal Kingdom: Where To Find Them All


At Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom there is a The Lion King Scavenger Hunt. If you complete it, you get an awesome wooden magnet. Here is where to find all the characters in the park!

One of my kids’ favorite things to do at Walt Disney World is the scavenger hunts in the different parks. We did two during our last visit — Figment’s Brush With The Masters at the Festival of the Arts in Epcot and The Lion King Scavenger Hunt in Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

The scavenger hunt is only $6.99 each (and yes you can use your Disney Vacation Club or Annual Pass discount) and you get a map with stickers. Then you walk around Animal Kingdom looking for adorable wood carved statues of your favorite The Lion King characters.

Put the corresponding character sticker on the map where you found it, and turn it in for a prize! In this case, there are three hand painted wooden magnets that are AMAZING you can choose from. Simba, Mufasa and Simba, and Scar. I am a villains girl so you know I needed that Scar for my magnet collection.

The Lion King Scavenger Hunt

All of the carvings can be found in Africa, which means you don’t have to travel TOO far to spot them all. Some of the characters were difficult to find, so I figured why not let you guys know where they are. Once you find the first one, you will know exactly what you are looking for.

Don’t worry when the map says you need to turn your completed one in by September 2019, we turned ours in January 2020 and they said they had plenty of magnets left!


Simba can be found near the Festival of The Lion King. Look up!


Turn toward the water after you spot Simba and look right through the gate. There he is, hiding behind it.


Head past the Tusker House entrance and you will Mufasa up in a window in a tower.


You know where you park the strollers for The Festival of The Lion King? That is where you can spot Scar, up on a shelf.

The Lion Family

The Lion Family is up high in the middle of the market place.


Rafiki is the one we had the hardest time finding — because he is inside! I never would have guessed it! Find him inside Mombasa Marketplace.


Zazu can also be found in a store, but an outside store. Right behind the cash register at Ziwani Traders.


Find Timon carrying some grub at the fruit market! You will find up up toward the roof in one of the carts.


Nala is resting above a speaker by the mural on a fence.

Simba and Nala

You can find the happy couple nuzzling near the drums!

The Lion King Scavenger Hunt Completed Map

If you just want to skip the search and turn your map in for a prize, here is a photo of the completed map. This was a really fun hunt, and my kids enjoyed it. It was a bit easier than the ones we have done int he past, and took a lot less time (about 15 minutes) to complete. Probably because the characters are all in Africa. 

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