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The Best Instagram Photo Opps On Castaway Cay

Disney’s private island, Castaway Cay, has so many amazing things to do — but there are also lots of cannot miss photo opps that are perfect for Instagram!

best castaway cay instagram photos

One of my favorite places in the whole world to visit is Castaway Cay. It is Disney’s private island that you can visit during a cruise and while there are many things to do at Castaway Cay for kids and adults, there are also lots of great photo spots. If you are like me and always looking for the perfect spot for an Instagram photo, I have done the hard work for you when it comes to Castaway Cay. Here is a list of all the MUST VISIT photo spots on Castaway Cay!

castaway cay instagram spots

Right Off The Boat

Characters: Of course what would a Disney Cruise be without some character photo opps! As you disembark the boat you can get a photo with your favorites like Captain Hook, Captain Jack Sparrow, and Stitch. You can also spot some of your favorite friends during the island dance party. However, it will be harder to snap a photo as they are usually dancing their hearts out!

castaway cay instagram spots

Ship Pictures: Your cruise ship will pull in so that it will be perfectly placed for several photo opportunities. Look for the professional photographers so you can find the best spots. Purchase your photos on the cruise or use your own phone or camera to take them.  There are at least two as you walk past the ship, but be sure to also check out the large Castaway Cay sign and take a photo with the ship behind it. 

castaway cay

On The Beach

There are plenty of fun things to do on the beach and capture in a photo. From writing your name in the sand, to perfectly placing the ship behind you so you are “holding” it in your hand. You can even relax in a hammock (but try not to fall asleep unless you have sunscreen on!). 

castaway cay anchor

The Perfect Backdrop

Keep your eyes peeled for lots of fantastic photo spots. There are crates, anchors, and even a plane you can pose in front of! One of my personal favorites was the colored crates by the private cabanas! Just look at how amazing this photo came out.

castaway cay instagram spots

We all know how important a background for Instagram photos is. If you happen to rent a bike and take the bike trail, be ready to stop for lots more photo opps! There are tons! Disney is great at making small little nooks filled with fun and themed items. I promise you will be taking pictures everywhere you go!

castaway cay ice cream

All The Food

Not only does Castaway Cay bring out all sorts of delicious barbecue food for lunch (which is totally Instagram worthy), they have soft serve machines on the island as well! So stop and get yourself a cone, find a great backdrop, and snap away! Yum!

Serenity Bay

The adult only part of Castaway Cay is also full of great Instagram photo spots — or so I am told. I have yet to make it out there, but if you go, please share the spots that are perfect for photos with me!

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