HBO’s Watchmen Season One Finale Recap & Review [SPOILERS]


From the moment I heard that HBO was going to have a Watchmen series, I was thrilled. I love the movie and the comic books — and I was hoping I would love the series. Tonight was the Watchmen finale, so did I love it? Read on for my Watchmen Series Review — WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD.

watchmen spoiler review

As soon as the Watchmen Season One premiere ended, I just knew this was a series I was going to love. If they were willing to put that many twists and turns and WHAT JUST HAPPENED?!? moments in the first episode — I knew they would continue to be bold throughout the series. And they did. They killed off a major character in the first episode, and then revealed the hidden identity of another one in episode seven. 

HBO’s Watchmen quickly became one of my favorite television series EVER — and it has only just ended the first season. My husband and I don’t watch a lot of TV live, but we tuned into Watchmen every Sunday night. It was something we looked forward to all week.

If you haven’t yet watched it, you need to. Watchmen is very bingable because the end of each episode will have you begging for more. Even the finale had me hoping for more — and I have my fingers crossed for a season two. 

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Do You Need To Know The Movie & Comics?

No you don’t have to have seen the movie or read the graphic novel to understand the show — but it does help. It gives you a little bit of a background so you (sort of) know where things might be going. All that being said, the series focuses on things that haven’t happened in the books — and it is set years and years after the movie. 

Be warned! The rest of this article will contain massive spoilers for the season one finale of Watchmen.

WARNING: Watchmen Season One Final Spoilers Ahead!

This entire season has had me on the edge of my seat. From beginning to end. I absolutely love how certain episodes focused on the background of one specific character, allowing us to really get to know them. The second to last episode really sucked me in though, understanding Angela Abar and Dr. Manhattan’s relationship. How it came about, and how she knew it would tragically end (and still try to stop it). The Adrian Veidt episode was also fantastic, and it actually made me like him more than I ever expected I would. 

Adrian’s Daughter

The Watchmen series finale starts off with another bombshell. Lady Trieu is Adrian Veidt’s daughter. Her mother, a cleaning lady, stole a sample of his semen and impregnated herself. Trieu has been planning to finish what he started — by destroying Doctor Manhattan and taking his power. Then, she will use it to rid the world of all nuclear weapons. 

watchmen lady trieu

When she first contacted him, and requested he loan her money, he told her that he would never call her daughter. As he leaves his prison of Jupiter’s moon behind, we see that he used the servants he killed to spell out “save me daughter”. Lady Trieu does indeed save him, and acknowledges that she appreciated he did that. 

However, she admits that she only brought him back so that he could watch her complete her mission, even having started from nothing. This is the moment where I knew this series finale was going to exceed all of my expectations. I have always been a big fan of the villains, and to see that Adrian’s daughter was about to win, was pretty amazing. Of course, I didn’t want it to actually happen — but for it to almost happen — and for her DAD to be on Earth to witness it? That was everything I wanted and more.

The Fate Of The Seventh Cavalry

It turns out that when Doctor Manhattan used his power instinctively to teleport Angela’s attacker. It gave him away. Then the seventh cavalry worked hard to plan a way to capture Doctor Manhattan, so they could kill him and steal his power. However, Angela showed up where they had him captured and let them all know Lady Trieu has a plan, and they are feeding into it. 

I knew she was right, and the suspense was killing me. But I sure loved every second of watching those idiots do it anyways — and get what they deserved. She made a deal with Angela’s grandfather, Hooded Justice, to give him justice, and he gave her Doctor Manhattan. Lady Trieu transported them all to the site of the massacre the Watchmen Season started with, and then she brutally murdered them all. 

Doctor Manhattan’s Fate

John is locked in a box and cannot teleport himself, however he is able to teleport Adrian, Laurie, and Looking Glass to Adrian’s office to save the day. He leaves Angela with him, stating he doesn’t want to me alone when he dies. This is the part of Watchmen finale when my heart started to hurt. Just the episode before I totally fell in love with them as a couple, and now that was ending.

As his energy is sucked from him, Doctor Manhattan looks up at her and says “I’m in every moment we were together, all at once. I love you Angela.” — cue the tears. Yup, I started sobbing. My heart broke for her. Regina King has done such a phenomenal job this entire series and the finale was no different. I felt like I could see her heart being broken in her eyes. Man, she is an incredible actress.

watchmen lady trieu

The End of Lady Trieu

Adrian had just what he needed in his office to save the day. Remember those tiny quid he kept dropping all over the world? Well he froze them first, and then dropped them right on Lady Trieu. Luckily Laurie was able to call Angela and warn her, so she ran for cover. Of course it was the theater we saw her grandfather in at the beginning of episode one. 

And of course who was there waiting for her this time? Her grandfather. Who explained that this was John’s plan all along. He knew he was going to die — and they made a deal to help each other. He tells Angela that she will understand why he did what he did when the time is right. She then tells her grandfather he can come and stay with her for a little while. 

I hope that means they can connect and get to know each other. And hopefully she can forgive him for helping John do what he did.

As they leave the theater together, all the letters have burned out — except for “Dr M”. Fitting. 

A Season Two?

On the night they met, Doctor Manhattan told Angela that he could theoretically transfer his powers into an egg, and if she ate it, she could get his powers. Well, he left behind an egg, and Angela eats it. The words she used that night were being able to walk on water. In a previous episode we saw John standing on top of their pool, and he said she needed to see him doing that. Does that mean she will be able to walk on water and have his powers now? 

That, we don’t know. As the episode faded to black just as her foot hit the top of the water.

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Overall Thoughts on the Season

The entire Watchmen season was mind blowing. There were twists and turns around every corner, and I ate up every second of it. We don’t know if there will be a season two of Watchmen. And honestly, I don’t know if there should be. Don’t get me wrong, I would certainly welcome it.

The Watchmen finale perfectly ended the season by tying everything together and wrapping it up in a neat little bow. But it wasn’t without its twists, turns, and major reveals. Of course we never see if Angela can indeed walk on water after eating that egg (raw — ew). So maybe, just maybe, we will get a season two. One can only hope.

About Watchmen

Set in an alternate history where masked vigilantes are treated as outlaws, Watchmen embraces the nostalgia of the original groundbreaking graphic novel of the same name, while attempting to break new ground of its own.

Did you watch the Watchmen finale? What did you think?

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