51 Of The Best Quotes From Spies In Disguise That Will Give You All The Feels


Spies In Disguise is the perfect family film to see this holiday season! Here are 26 Spies In Disguise quotes that will make you laugh, and maybe cry!

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This holiday season, Spies In Disguise is out in theaters, and it is a movie I think every family should see. Not only is it hilarious, it is filled with heart (not to mention the stellar casting choices). I felt so many emotions watching this movie — and collected these 26 Spies In Disguise quotes to share with you so you can feel them too. 

When I saw this movie last month, afterwards I had to the chance to chat with the directors. It was a great conversation. They told me all about the making of the film, working with big names like Tom Holland and Will Smith, and so much more. I collected 5 fun Spies In Disguise facts, so be sure to check those out.

26 Spies In Disguise Quotes

Since the movie is not out in theaters yet, I am keeping this list of quotes as spoiler free as I can. However, be careful because you can probably interpret some plot points from them.  Once the movie hits theaters, I promise to come back and add why they made me feel all of my feels. And then there will definitely be spoilers.

Some of these quotes made me laugh, some made me cry, and some made me want to embrace my inner weird.

“The world needs weird.” – Walter’s Mom

“Out there, I gotta fight fire with fire.” – Lance Sterling

“Glitter makes people happy.” – Walter

“You can’t save the world with a hug, Walter.” – Lance Sterling

“Together, we could really make a difference.” – Walter

“You can bird me, but you can’t stop me.” – Lance Sterling

“He’s like the God of the asphalt.” – Ears

“I do not need your help. I never will.” – Lance Sterling

“Serious string. Like silly string – but serious.” – Walter

“Dude is Jeopardy smart.” – Ears

“Since when does your agency care about the many, many lives it destroys.” – Killian

“Science is all trail and error.” – Walter

“Together we can find a good way to stop the bad.” – Walter

“When we fight fire with fire we all get burned.” – Walter

“There’s no good guys and bad guys, there’s just people.” – Walter

“Your trying to keep the world safe, just like your mother did.” – Marcy

“We should all be working together.” – Walter

“You need to fly. I believe in you.” – Walter

“There is no way I could have done this without you.” – Lance Sterling

“What happens in the submarine, stays in the submarine.” – Lance Sterling

“This is not the place for your weird gadgets.” – Lance Sterling

“I can’t lose any more good people.” – Lance Sterling

“I’ll always have your back. That’s what it means to be a team.” – Walter

“We have different skill sets. That’s what makes us such a good team.” – Walter

“Your mother would be so proud of you right now. You kept all these people safe – and you did it your way.” – Lance Sterling

“We need people like you. People who can help the agency do things a new way.” – Joy Jenkins

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Bonus Spies In Disguise Quotes

After seeing Spies In Disguise again with my daughters, there were a few more quotes that stuck with me. These are ones my daughters told me I just had to add to this article, so here they are!

“Your gadgets are going to keep the world safe and everyone will wish they were as weird as you.” – Walters’ Mom

“Ha. Team? I fly solo.” – Lance Sterling

“You know how you can tell you are the world’s greatest super spy? Everyone knows the name.” – Lance Sterling

“I don’t think that subtitle was in my favor.” – Lance Sterling

“If I try to fight fire with glitter, I get my face burned off.” – Lance Sterling

“Nobody ever listens to my ideas or gives me a chance. if you did, we could really make a difference.” – Walter

“There’s a better way.” – Walter

“Sounds a little Scooby Doo.” – Ears

“Hope you got your pants on Wilber.” – Lance Sterling

“Science rocks.” – Walter

“Pretend you’re a normal person talking to a MUCH COOLER normal person.” – Lance Sterling

“I just found out that number one, and number two, come out of the same place so NO things are NOT OK!” – Lance Sterling

“Lance, have some dignity. Why are you eating food off the ground? Why does it taste amazing?!” – Lance Sterling

“Look at that! Being in a flock helped you!” – Walter

“Go science on this fool!” – Lance Sterling
” Science all over your face!” – Walter

“Becket’s just some nobody in the gadgets lab.” – Marcy

“Evil doesn’t care that you’re nice.” – Lance Sterling

“No we can’t just kill her. That’s dark Lovey.” – Lance Sterling

“I watched every single one of my people DIE as your agency rained down on us.” – Killian

“You hit me hard — I hit back harder.” – Killian

“There’s another way. Don’t do this. Please….” – Lance Sterling

“Let’s get weird.” – Lance Sterling
“BOOM!” – Walter

“We’re both just people who make mistakes.” – Lance Sterling

“You brought your own soundtrack?” – Killian

“Team weird.” – Lance and Walter

Which of these Spies In Disguise quotes is your favorite?

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About Spies In Disguise

Super spy Lance Sterling and scientist Walter Beckett are almost exact opposites. Lance is smooth, suave and debonair. Walter is not. But what Walter lacks in social skills he makes up for in smarts and invention, creating the awesome gadgets Lance uses on his epic missions. But when events take an unexpected turn, Walter and Lance suddenly have to rely on each other in a whole new way. And if this odd couple can’t learn to work as a team, the whole world is in peril.

Spies In Disguise flies into theaters December 25th, 2019!


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