Marvel’s Hero Project Proves Not All Heroes Wear Capes


marvels hero project reveiw

My husband and i love a show that we can watch with our young daughters, and Marvel’s Hero Project is quickly becoming a favorite. This show is coming to Disney+ at launch and I promise you it is something you are going to want to watch with your whole family. Talk about inspiring — this show proves that not all heroes wear capes. I received screeners for the first three episodes and they had me in tears. Truly powerful, they are a must watch!

Marvel’s Hero Project is all about celebrating children who are doing something good for the world. And when I say that, I mean it. These kids are more than just inspiring, they are doing more than I think I could even do myself.

marvels hero project jordan

Sensational Jordan

Take Jordan for example, she isn’t letting the fact that she is missing part of one arm slow her down — quite the opposite. She has created so many amazing things ON HER OWN, that help her in every day, and extraordinary, life. She is a cheerleader, an inventor, and so much more. Someone that children can look up to. She looks on the bright side of everything. Jordan is someone that I hope my kids can learn from. 

marvels hero project elijah

Incredible Elijah

Then we have Elijah who is destined for greatness! He stands up for what is right, and helps anyone and everyone he can. I had chills almost his entire episode. It is so obvious that Elijah just wants to make the world a better place. He had helped children in his area come together to march and speak out against child abuse. Listening to his speeches, I was SHOCKED to learn that he is only 11 years old. He is someone that I would love my girls to take after and learn from.

marvels hero project Adonis

Unstoppable Adonis

This is probably my favorite episode of the three I have watched, although I love them all. Adonis comes from a very competitive family — although he is blind. He was not born that way, however. He lost his eye sight when he was a young boy. The fact that he is doing what he does with sports and he cannot see is inspiring. A video of him making a touchdown went viral and WOW, it is incredible to see. He does not let being blind get him down, or stop him for doing what he was destined to do.

marvels hero project logo

About Marvel’s Hero Project

In life, it doesn’t take wearing a suit of iron, carrying a mythical hammer or swinging from spider webs to be a real hero. Sometimes the person who can make a positive difference in the world is the person who simply sees a problem and has the passion to find a creative solution. And in Marvel’s Hero Project, the new Disney+ series, those people are kids. Like the girl who helps loved ones with Alzheimer’s make connections through puzzles or a boy who grows an urban garden to feed the hungry, despite his own family’s financial hardships.

The first non-scripted reality series from Marvel Entertainment takes an up close and personal look at the lives of twenty amazing kids from across the country, each of whom is doing remarkable things to help his or her community. Each week, Marvel surprises these young heroes, who have dedicated themselves to performing selfless acts of bravery, kindness and betterment, by welcoming them into Marvel’s Hero Project, inspiring viewers of all ages.

marvels hero project poster

Watch Marvel’s Hero Project on Disney+ starting November 12th!

Episode 101, “Sensational Jordan” | Premieres Tuesday, November 12 on Disney+
Inspired by her limb difference, Jordan is leading other kids in building a more accessible world.

Episode 102, “Incredible Elijah” | Premieres Friday, November 15 on Disney+
Elijah’s empathy is his superpower, speaking out in his community to prevent child abuse.

Episode 103, “Unstoppable Adonis” | Premieres Friday, November 22 on Disney+
Adonis is changing how people see those who are visually impaired, on and off the football field.

Subsequent episodes of “Marvel’s Hero Project” will premiere every Friday, only on Disney+.

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