The 10 Most Emotional Moments of Frozen 2 (SPOILER WARNING)


Frozen 2 is better than the first Frozen. There. I said it. There are many reasons that I hold on to that statement. One of the major ones being that this one took all the feels from the first one, and jacked them up to 100. Perhaps it is because I see my daughters in Anna and Elsa? But something about this movie made me cry, and laugh, and cry some more, and laugh so more. I haven’t had this much fun at the theater in a long time. 

Frozen 2 Emotional Moments

And that says something, doesn’t it? To genuinely enjoy your time in the theater. And as soon as the movie ended, I wanted to watch it again. We cannot wait for Frozen 2 to hit Disney+! And as a mom, I am eternally grateful for a whole new collection of songs to listen to over and over. Nothing against Let It Go, but it got old after 5 solid years of listening to it at least 10 times a day.

Frozen 2 made me all kinds of emotional. So much so that it was hard to narrow down my top 10 moments, which if you follow me you know I like to do for you. After an internal struggle, I stuck with the first 10 that popped in to my head after watching the movie. If you have other Frozen 2 emotional moments, let me know!

WARNING: Major spoilers ahead for Frozen 2.

As with all of my emotional moments posts, these Frozen 2 emotional moments are in the order they occurred in the film. Not in the order of how emotional I think they are.

FROZEN 2 young Anna and Elsa

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Anna & Elsa Learn Who Their Mother Was

I have to admit that it seemed obvious to me that Anna and Elsa’s mother was the one who saved their dad as soon as he told that story. However, I was excited to see my thought validated sooner in the movie than I expected. Had this been something they held off on for a big reveal at the end of the film, I would have been annoyed. But when it was revealed to the sisters that their mother was in fact the girl who saved their father, my heart filled. The looks on their faces was unforgettable. And yes, I got a little teary-eyed.

FROZEN 2 kristoff sven

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Kristoff’s 80s Music Video

Kristoff finally gets a song! And it was 1000 times more awesome than I could have ever imagined it to be. This moment had me all but rolling on the floor laughing. I had tears streaming down my face because the feel of the song, coupled with the scene the animators did, was the best thing I have seen in a long time. Talk about a total 80s music video. This part of Frozen 2 is EVERYTHING. In fact, I had a hard time catching my breath at one point. I can’t wait until I can watch it over and over.

frozen 2

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Anna & Elsa Discover Their Parents Boat…

…And what happened to them. Watching the pain on the faces of Anna and Elsa as they relived their parents death — that was heartbreaking. To learn that they were going off to help Elsa understand her powers, and instead met their fate… well, it was emotional. And of course now Elsa feels responsible for their deaths, and as much as Anna tries to explain it away, she can’t. 

This is what sparks Elsa to go on the rest of her journey without Anna. And seeing the two sisters torn apart, again, really got to me. My girls are much like Elsa and Anna, to the point where my youngest would always step in harms way for her sister. Always. 

frozen 2

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Elsa Discovers Her Grandfather’s Betrayal

When Elsa discovers that her Grandfather is the one that struck first, my heart sank for her. Her family, and her people, are the ones who betrayed the Northuldra tribe. They struck first. And not only that, it was the plan all along. I could see the hurt and confusion in her eyes. She needed to see the truth and that forced her to go a little too far. And that’s when I really lost it…

FROZEN 2 Elsa magic

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Elsa Freezes Because She Goes Too Far

Despite being warned by her mother’s song, Elsa goes too far. And because of that she freezes solid. She is lost. Luckily she is able to get a message to her sister, Anna, before she completely freezes, but it seems like it is too late for her

Frozen 2 premiere Olaf

Olaf Flurries Away

And because Elsa dies, her magic goes with her. Which means that poor Olaf. Fun loving Olaf. He flurries away into nothing. With Anna holding on to him and witnessing it as it happens. CUE THE TEARS, am I right? This might be the most emotional moment in all of Frozen 2. Anna is alone again. Just as she was in Frozen.

This moment influences her song “The Next Right Thing“, which I do love. It is all about grieving, and going on after loss. No matter how deep that loss it. And I think that is a good lesson for kids. However, this scene was hard for my kids to watch. My 6 year old sobbing broke me. 


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Anna Saves The Day

As might be expected, Anna continues on and saves the day. She pushes through the pain in order to do the right thing. In order to save the Northuldra tribe, and free their forest from the magic. She leads the Earth giants to the damn, and taunts them. This causes them to throw rocks at her, which in turn breaks the damn.

It was thought that this would cause Arendelle to be flooded, however it frees Elsa from her frozen state as well. Who has just enough time to hop on a water Nokk and save the day for Arendelle! So everything works out in the end. We even get our snowman friend back.

FROZEN 2 anna olaf

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“Do You Wanna Build A Snowman?”

I kept this out of my Frozen 2 quotes article that went up earlier because it is kind of spoilery, but this is easily my favorite quote of the movie (and the most emotional). Why? Because after Anna saves the day, and her sister (again), Elsa asks her if she wants to build a snowman. Anna, of course, is hanging on to Olaf’s arms, eyes, nose, and buttons. Throughout the movie, Olaf has been talking about how water has memory. And Thank God it does because Olaf is able to be formed again, complete with his memories. 

Frozen 2 Anna Kristoff

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Kristoff Proposes To Anna (Finally)

I had been waiting for this moment for all of Frozen 2. And if I am being totally honest with myself, since the ending of Frozen. Kristoff and Anna make the best couple, and I was waiting for him to finally get the words out. The poor guy stumbled through most of the movie, but he pulled it off. And I was overjoyed! Especially considering how emotional the moments leading up to that were.

FROZEN 2 charades

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Anna Becomes Queen…

…And her sister, Elsa, becomes free. As much as I hate the fact that these sisters are now separated, I love the fact that they both have gotten what they need. And deserve. Elsa has never wanted to be Queen. And now she doesn’t have to be. She can embrace her magic, and learn more about it, while being free! Of course, she will still be visiting Arendelle for rousing games of Charades. 

What were the most emotional moments of Frozen 2 for you? Were they different? The same? Let me know in the comments!

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About Frozen 2

Why was Elsa born with magical powers? What truths about the past await Elsa as she ventures into the unknown to the enchanted forests and dark seas beyond Arendelle? The answers are calling her but also threatening her kingdom. Together with Anna, Kristoff, Olaf and Sven, she’ll face a dangerous but remarkable journey. In “Frozen,” Elsa feared her powers were too much for the world. In “Frozen 2,” she must hope they are enough.

Frozen 2 Hits Theaters November 22, 2019!



  1. I was extremely moved by Elsa racing on the water horse making it to Arendelle just in time to freeze the tidal wave. And the fact that all of the citizens were there watching in dread at what they thought was going to be the utter destruction of their town, their queen rides in the Protect them and save the day!!
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  3. Stephanie Smigo on
    I loved every moment of this movie too. I have some additional feels of emotion that are even from very simple things 1. When Iduna caresses Anna's nose and she falls asleep. I used to do this and it works! Also watching Iduna continue the song with a special moment of bonding with her firstborn Elsa that was beautiful to watch the love she had for her daughters. 2. The part when Anna holds Olaf so tightly as he flurries away. Watching that scene again the next time I saw the movie was so meaningful to see how she clutches her bag closely because olafs nose, arms and buttons are in there. The point is obviously the death of her sister was the real grief she was experiencing but olaf had always connected them so losing both was so heartbreaking I was in tears in this scene. 3. Watching the emotion on Anna's face when she sees Elsa in the distance it was very humanlike and beautiful 4. This scene is very underrated because it happened so fast many not have caught it. When Anna has to convince Mattias that the damn must come down she tells him her sister gave her life to reveal the truth. He shows a deep troubled look followed by a determined decision to help and I dont know if he already knew The Grandfather was a bad guy and betrayed them and he was just holding on to the damn thinking he was protecting Arendelle or whether hearing the news of the betrayal was a shock and a deep pain was felt for the betrayal and for Elsa losing her life to fund it out. It was such a quick scene but I watched intently as Mattias had to make a quick decision from this news. He could have stopped Anna from doing that and that point in the movie was an emotional one for me. 5. The scene where Elsa is riding Nokk into the cave or whatever that the song she sings as she rides this horse who just tried to drown her was so emotional to me I was like in a fantasy land. The theatre was packed and not a peep could be heard during this scene my 3 ye old was in my lap and we were both reclined back in the seat taking in this beautiful moment where we are Elsa with peace and joy on her face for the first time since the 1st movie. I already knew that the voice was her mother because I read a spoiler so I had that moment to look forward to coming up which was was another major moment when Elsa is filled with tears and to me it looked like her mother was transforming her dress because she appeared to be reacting to the change but that's my silly speculation. Anyway that's the first I had seen of the white dress since I saw the movie before all the video and image spoilers came out and I was in awe like my 3 yr old I was more emotional than any other adult in there for sure. I have already pre ordered the movie on Amazon prime and cant wait to watch it again and again. One more thing. I have read many negative opinions from those who take storylines so seriously and were offended by the use of the Sami people and of the oppression by the "rich white people" I actually followed up to learn about how the story was created and was pleased to find that the writers and creators of the music went to Norway and actually spoke with members of the Sami people and the were thrilled that Disney was going to have thier people as well as traditions, beliefs and way of living incorporated into the movie. If you look up the Samis you even see that the characters in the movie look so much like them. I thought it was a wonderful way to show that history has done painful truths to it about how we treated each other but the coming together of their parents who were from opposite sides was a symbol of uniting in love and it may not be as likely in real life but it's a great idea to place in the hearts of young ones that there is hope and at the same time learning about our ancestors may be painful but we don't have to carry on those actions.
  4. I agree and my +1 is when Anna stays with Elsa after she got upset while playing charades. It was sweet how she comforted her sister.
  5. Definitely a lot of emotional moments for both my children AND me. One quick correction - I believe the word you're looking for is "dam", not "damn". :) Damn is a curse, while dam is the physical barrier to control water flow.

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