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It probably won’t surprise you to find out that scam calls cost Americans millions of dollars every year. Experts say that nearly half of all mobile calls this year will be robo-spam, according to First Orion. Unfortunately, my family almost fell victim to a scam call not long ago. Something needs to be done about this and luckily, T-Mobile is leading the battle against unwanted calls.

Robocalls are an increasing problem in the US and volume has skyrocketed in recent years, reaching an estimated 5.1 billion people in October of 2018. That’s an average of 7.1 million calls per hour or 2000 robocalls happening every second. And half of calls this year are projected to be robo-spam, and in the last twelve months, Americans have been scammed out of over $10 billion.

T-Mobile Scam Likely

How My Grandfather Was Almost Scammed

To show you just how important protecting yourself and your loved ones from scam phone calls, I want to tell you a story. My grandfather was almost scammed and if it wasn’t for my Aunt, it would have been a really bad situation. Somehow a scammer got a hold of some personal information, and used it against him. He called, claiming to be my cousin. He stated that he was in big trouble and was in jail. Begging my grandfather not to tell his parents, he asked for bail money to help him out. 

My grandfather went to the bank and took out thousands of dollars. Prepared to wire it to money service to help my “cousin” out. Luckily my Aunt called, and noticed something seemed off. My grandmother admitted what was going on, and asked her not to tell the rest of the family. Well my Aunt knew this was not a real story for several reasons, and was luckily able to stop the wire from going through. 

Of course he loved his grandkids so much that he wanted to help out, and never thought it was a scam caller.

It is so crazy to think that he fell for the scammer’s lies. Did he think this man sounded like my cousin? Was he just flustered by the news that my cousin was in trouble? And how could he just not think to ask another family member? Scammers will prey on anyone who might believe them, and it breaks my heart that someone could do this and not feel guilty.

Protect Your Child From Scam Phone Calls

One of my worst fears is that my children will fall for something like this. That is why my husband and I have told them about the story above, and have warned them to watch out. Unfortunately there are people in the world that you cannot trust. I hate having to teach them about the dark side of humanity, but not doing so could have a worse effect. 

How T-Mobile Can Help!

With a company like T-Mobile, the positive side is that you don’t have to worry as much about scammers and spam phone calls. Why? T-Mobile gives customers free scam warnings with no opt-in, no subscription, and no app required with Scam ID! Other wireless companies (most of them in fact), will make their customers download an app, which doesn’t help you if you don’t do it! 

As soon as a call reaches the T-Mobile network, they use machine learning and AI to analyze call behavior, not just check against a database, and they update it every 6 minutes! This constant update, analysis, and scale of protection is not possible in an app. And it protects T-Mobile customers which is a HUGE perk, and something that I want my friends and family to take advantage of.

T-Mobile also analyzes call behavior as part of Scam ID, so they give customers protection from number spoofing. Spoofed calls on the T-Mobile network show up on Caller ID screens as “Scam Likely” – which is pretty amazing if you ask me. 

Family is very important, protect them with T-Mobile!

T-Mobile has many ways to protect you and your loved ones from scammers and robocalls!

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by T-Mobile.

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