15+ Fish Extender Gift Ideas For Your Next Disney Cruise!


fish extender gift ideas

A fish extender gift exchange is something I highly recommend doing if you are going on a Disney Cruise! In the past, I have shared a complete guide, as well as DIY fish extender, but now I am going to give you some great fish extender gift ideas! 

For those not familiar, a fish extender gift exchange is where a group of cruisers give each other gifts throughout their cruise. They come together online before they ship out, and tell each other a little bit about themselves. Age, favorite Disney character, etc. Then, while on the cruise, they drop off gifts to each other, leaving them in their Fish Extender. 

DIY Fish Extender

Giving is as Fun as Receiving!

My daughters love giving just as much as they love receiving while on a Disney Cruise — which I think is a great lesson to teach them. We have gotten some pretty amazing gifts, and given some as well. My favorite gift we gave was probably our self-made magnets. These featured the cruisers favorite character and their name. But if you aren’t crafty, you can still give some awesome gifts that everyone is sure to love. Here are some ideas!

disney cruise fish extender gift

Purchase from Amazon

disney cruise fish extender gift

Handmade from Etsy

We have gotten some incredible gifts over the years! Some of my favorites include a fold up hamper (perfect for a 7 day cruise!!), and a handmade blanket (my youngest sleeps with it every night!). 

Do you have any Fish Extender gift ideas that I didn’t share? Let me know!

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