How Ironheart Could Bring Tony Stark Back In To The MCU


how ironheart can bring tony stark back in to the mcu

While I was reading Civil War II (one of my FAVORITE Marvel events), I was introduced to Riri Williams, also known as Ironheart, and I fell in love with her. And now thinking back on her story, she just might be the key to bringing Tony Stark back in to the MCU. Read on to see if you agree…

I know that a lot of comic book readers were not fans of Civil War II, but I was. Yes Captain Marvel went a little crazy and she literally punched Tony Stark out of his Iron Man suit. But if she hadn’t done that, Ironheart might not have risen to who she has become. So thanks Carol Danvers!

Tony took her under his wing, so to speak, after she built herself a suit of armor that was similar to his, using material she stole from her school campus. She is ridiculously smart and talented, and Tony saw that in her. After Civil War II, her Tony Stark A.I. (a literally backup of Tony in case anything should happen to him) aided Riri in the development of her second suit, and her codename Ironheart.

Iron Man Riri Williams

Will We See Riri in the MCU?

I feel like there is a very good opportunity that Riri could show up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe — and I am so excited about it! How perfect would her introduction be to bring back Tony Stark in the MCU. Pretty perfect I think! Fans are already speculating that Tony would have a digital backup of himself, for a just in case moment. 

Since we already know that in the comic books, this A.I. version of Tony helps Riri Williams to become Ironheart, that would be a logical lead in to bringing him back. Well, bringing him back – sort of

AI Tony Stark

What Could This Mean for the MCU’s Tony Stark?

Here are my thoughts, and please, if you agree (or disagree) let me know in the comments! Would I love to see Riri in the MCU? Absolutely. Do I feel like that will happen — well it better because I need her in the Young Avengers on the big screen. But do I think this is how she will be introduced? Hmm… I am 50/50 on that. For one reason, and one reason only. The funeral scene in Avengers: Endgame.

There we see Harley Keener, who you might remember as the little boy in Iron Man 3. Who becomes Iron Lad, and also a part of the Young Avengers, in the comic books. Oh, and he is dating Cassie, Scott Lang’s daughter, who is in the Young Avengers as well. See why we need a Young Avengers movie?!

iron lad

Anyways, I am thinking that one of these two youngsters (Riri or Harley) will end up with an A.I. version of Tony in the MCU. When exactly? That I don’t know. Probably not until Phase 4 is over. Perhaps there will be some end credit scenes that will push this into fruition. 

Of course, in the comics Tony Stark ends up coming back to life, but only as a version of himself. He knows that his true self is dead, and he is, in fact, just programming. Things get crazy — don’t they always in the comic book universe? Would I love for all of this to happen? OF COURSE! Wouldn’t you?


Ironheart in the Comics

Riri has an ongoing comic book series, Ironheart, that you should totally pick up at your local comic shop. In that series, things are getting pretty crazy for her. She has never met her biological father, whom she believes is dead. However, at the end of her latest issue someone who looks just like her shows up — and could be her dad. These are obviously all story lines that would be great on the big screen as well, and why I REALLY want it to happen. 

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