How To Keep Cool in a Heat Wave with Honeywell Portable AC Units


honeywell portable ac

Sure, summer might be over — but is it really? Here in upstate New York we have heat waves though October. I used to live in Florida and you know the heat NEVER ends down there. So in order to keep cool, you need a reliable solution. Well, I have one for you. Honeywell has an extensive line of portable AC units that are sure to save you from the heat! 

We are lucky to have central air conditioning in our new home — on the first two floors. But we have a three story house, and the top floor is not under air. So you know it gets HOT up there. This is also my favorite room in the house because it is our gaming room. Filled with TVs, gaming consoles, and so much more — this is where we spend a LOT of our time. 

So you know we need something up there to keep us cool when we need it. And luckily our Honeywell portable air conditioner can just do that. 

honeywell portable ac

Portable & Easy To Set Up

We love that our Honeywell portable air conditioner is just that — portable! The two places we love to use it are the garage, and the third floor. So if it wasn’t as movable as it is, we would have to have two units. And I love that I can set it up myself! Window units are completely out of the question for me because, well, my arms aren’t that strong. So being able to easily set up the window kit WITHOUT the heavy lifting is a huge perk for me! Girls outfits


As a mom of two very busy little girls that do every single extra curricular activity under sun, I need to count my pennies. So I love that the Honeywell portable ac units not only cost a very reasonable price, they don’t spike your electric bill like I assumed. After having used it for about two solid weeks, our bill barely saw a difference. 

Pet Friendly

We also have two dogs. Two very furry dogs, who shed constantly. Honeywell portable ac units have washable dual filtration systems that filter pet dander and hair, as well as dust. Without them entering the unit, the life of the ac is extended (woohoo!). It also helps reduce impurities in the air and is SUPER easy to clean (just run it under the faucet). 

honeywell portable ac washable filter

Overall Thoughts

Overall I have to admit, I love this portable ac unit — and so does my whole family! It is easy to move, saves us money by only cooling the room when we need it cooled, and my person favorite, I can set it and forget it! There is even a remote control and an energy saving sleep mode!

If you are looking for the portable ac unit that works for your home and family, I am willing to be that Honeywill will have what you need!

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