Why Every DVC Member Should Take Advantage Of Moonlight Magic


Moonlight Magic Review

After 10 years of going back and forth on becoming Disney Vacation Club members, we finally pulled the trigger a few years ago. Boy are we glad we did. For so many reasons. This last vacation the stars aligned for us to be able to attend our first ever Moonlight Magic event! This even is amazing, and I highly recommend it. This one happened to be at Typhoon Lagoon, and now I can’t wait for our next one!

What Is Moonlight Magic?

So what exactly is Moonlight Magic? It is an event for Disney Vacation Club (DVC) members — and every member should take advantage of it if their schedule works! Basically whichever park it is at closes early, only allowing DVC members that have pre-registered inside. The event includes a meal voucher (free quick service Walt Disney World meal? Yes please!), specialty merchandise, and tons of fun! Think prizes, and dance parties, and special character meet and greets. 

moonlight magic meet and greet

Special meet and greets at the Moonlight Magic events!

How Are The Ride Lines?

Well, since this was at Typhoon Lagoon (and our first time there) it was kind of hard to judge the lines. We did have friends with us who have been to the water park before, and they said the lines were significantly shorter. We waited about 5 minutes for Miss Adventure Falls, which apparently is really good.

One thing I had not realized ahead of time is that my youngest daughter cannot go on many of the water slides (she is only 44 inches tall). Probably should have looked at that beforehand. But that’s OK. We still had fun and she LOVED the lazy river!

moonlight magic mickey treats

moonlight magic food line

What About The Food Lines?

I highly recommend heading directly to the food places. We had eaten a late lunch and so we were not hungry. Big mistake. The official event did not start until 6:30pm, but we could arrive at 5:00pm (which we did). Had we decided to eat right as we entered, we wouldn’t have had to wait long at all. However, we decided to wait until around 7:00pm and the lines were insane. Some people waited over an hour just to get their food!

My husband’s favorite part? The free Mickey ice cream treats! Yes, you could get a variety of ice cream treats, for free! As many as you want! They were delicious (and yes we went back for seconds).

moonlight magic mickey ice cream

moonlight magic mickey treats

Overall Thoughts

Moonlight Magic was a lot of fun. While we aren’t really in to the water parks, we were happy to check them out. It was a blast! And fun to be in a less crowded park. In the future we will most definitely be keeping our fingers crossed for a Moonlight Magic at one of the four major Walt Disney World parks that fits in to our plans. 

Moonlight Magic events are free — all you have to do is register online beforehand. DVC will announce a registration date and set an alarm, because they do fill up fast! 

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