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If you are a subscriber to my YouTube channel then you know I love me some geeky shirts — especially ones that are Marvel themed. You can find me wearing some pretty cool designs, and now I get to share them all with you! I have teamed up with TeePublic to not only promote THE coolest original designs from artists, but to also bring you Mama’s Geeky clothing!

TeePublic has so many amazing geeky shirts that it was hard to narrow down my top 12 for you guys, but I did it! You know they are all Marvel themed, with a heavy focus on Guardians of the Galaxy themed. If you act surprised by this, you don’t know me very well, do you?

Remember, these are just my 12 favorites right now — but TeePublic has new designs being introduced every day. So I will be adding all of my new favorites to my store, making them super easy for you to find.

marvel exclusive club

Super Exclusive Club by Dooomcat

As soon as I saw this shirt I knew I had to have it! And nothing against Batman because if you know anything about me, you know Gotham is my favorite part of the DC Universe. I just thought this shirt was super fun. I love all the Marvel heroes hanging out and poor Batman slumping away. It made me chuckle. 

Shield Academy (Ops. Division) – Light Print by Arinesart

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is one of my favorite shows so I totally had to get this Ops. Division SHIELD shirt. If only I could really work alongside Coulson and Fitz — that would be a dream come true!

So Flerken Cute by perdita00

I mean… I feel like I don’t have to describe why I love this shirt. And adorable Flerken (who I will forever call Chewie) eating a super powerful tesseract. If you don’t think that is something you need to own, you need to reevaluate your priorities. 

galactic buffet

Galactic Buffet by RobGo

Galactus is hands down one of my favorite Marvel comic book characters. Especially when paired with Silver Surfer. So this shirt is EVERYTHING for me! I really hope that Galactus is the next big bag of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and he totally could be! 

Fluffy Lil Guardian by LooneyCartoony

I love me some Rocket Raccoon — and I totally imagine him to be fluffy and adorable! Plus Despicable Me is one of my favorite kids movie trilogies, with “It’s so fluffy!!” being one of my favorite lines all three movies. So the second my eyes caught this shirt, it was over. I needed it.

I Survived 700 Jumps by Olipop

You might already know this, but I was on the set of Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2, so this shirt has special meaning to me. When Rocket and Yondu make the 700 space jumps to go help Quill, I cannot help but laugh. Every. Single. Time. So I was excited to see this shirt, and jumped (no pun intended) at the chance to own it.

Guardians of the Galaxy…& GROOT by claraaudrey

Every since the first I saw a shirt with names from shows listed on it, I wanted one. Then this Guardians of the Galaxy one came in to my life and it was complete. I love showing off this shirt and I get a ton of compliments on it. 

I am Iron Man by PowerfulDesigns

This shirt made me laugh out loud so I totally needed it. Good old Iron Man, how I love him. This scene in Avengers: Endgame is one of my favorites. I mean, it didn’t go exactly like this, but can you imagine if it had? Ha!

She’s got help by risarodil

SO FLIPPING POWERFUL! YES! This shirt, this moment, it gave me all the feels. I have two young daughters so seeing all the female superheroes come together was really important for them to witness. We got it in Infinity War, and again in Endgame. What a moment. 


Balloon Stan II (Collab with GoodIdeaRyan) by demonigote

Stan Lee changed the world. I was lucky enough to meet him, and he was the nicest guy. He even said “Excelsior!” to me (and yes, I died a little inside when he did). The world that he created has left a mark on my heart. I would not be doing what I am if it wasn’t for him. So I needed this shirt, which showed it off in the best way possible, if you ask me.

Lazy Heroes by Andriu

Who doesn’t love Korg, Miek, and Bro Thor? I know I do! Throw in the gaming aspect and I am SOLD! That is why I just had to have this shirt as soon as I saw it. It is probably my favorite of the bunch (but man it is hard to choose!). You know you need it. 

duck duck goose

Duck. Duck. Goose. by DCLawrenceUK

This shirt just cracked me up so I knew I had to have it. Even though I will forever call Goose Chewie, because that is her name in the comics. This shirt is still hilariously funny. And I love it. 

Don’t forget to visit my TeePublic store where I have a lot more geeky shirts — and of course some Mama’s Geeky original designs as well! 

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