FX’s Legion Series Finale Was Everything Fans Could Hope For


Legion Series Finale Review

From the moment that the final season of Legion started, I knew it was going to be done well. Honestly, when I first heard this was going to be the last season, I was mad. Really mad. Legion is easily one of the best Marvel shows on television, if not THE best. The cinematography alone is unmatched. Now that the Legion series finale has aired, I can rest easy, knowing all of the characters were done justice.

Pretty much every loose end was tied up in the Legion series finale, and I was happy with it. David Haller, AKA Legion, is hands down one of my favorite mutants — and favorite comic book characters. And Dan Stevens has portrayed him to perfection. I will be sad to see this series end, but am thankful they didn’t let it go on and on until it failed on its own. 


Warning: Spoilers Ahead for the Legion Season Finale


David and Charles

For those who don’t know, Charles Xavier (yes THAT Charles Xavier) is David’s father. We saw glimpses of him in earlier seasons, but this season focused on him a lot more. He was a major part of the story, as he should be. After all, he is the reason that Farouk, AKA the Shadow King, was stuck in David’s head for so many years.

I truly enjoyed seeing David and his father bond and get to know each other, just a little bit. I would be lying if I said that I did not tear up at the end, when Charles hugged his (adult) son, and asked him to let him be there for him. To let him be a father. It was something David needed to hear, and I am so glad that he did.


David and Farouk

Farouk has said that he loves David as a son a few times over the course of the entire series of Legion. But this series finale really proved it. David and the younger version of Farouk fight, while Charles and the older Farouk sit and have a real discussion, between men. When Farouk explains to Charles how he grew to love David over the years of being trapped in his head, I started to believe him. 

Honestly, throughout the series I did not think he was being honest. But he was. And when he showed the younger version of himself his memories (one of the best scenes in the entire Legion series if you ask me), his younger self teared up. And so did I. I understood that he really did love David, and was willing to sacrifice their time together to save him.

Farouk and David make a deal: Farouk will leave David alone, allowing him to be “a baby, a boy, and then a man”. However, this will reset everything that we have seen throughout the course of the show. None of it will have happened. Every character will have a different path.

kerry and cary legion

Kerry and Cary

Kerry and Cary have been one of my favorite parts of the series since they were first seen. Their unique ability to come together, and apart, since they were young children created a wonderful bond between them. While fighting the time demons (I call them the Blue Meanies because… well you should know), they needed to join forces yet again. This time Kerry aged, quickly, as she fought. But she didn’t let that stop her.

After the battle was over, she calls Cary her brother. That warmed my heart. I loved seeing them recognize that they really are family, even thought they are kind of one. Of course, it made me sad to know this was all going to be erased, and they would be forced to live life over again, because of David’s past changing. However, I am hopeful that they will eventually come to the same conclusion. 



We see Switch change in the Legion finale. She “sheds” he body and becomes time. She leaves her human form, but in doing so, she is able to truly understand time, and control those nasty Blue Meanies. When she went to visit, and thank Syd for her help, that was one of my favorite parts of the finale.

Syd was struggling with the fact that she would die. That version of her anyways. And Switch reassured her that she was going to be fabulous. Without the interference of David in her life.

syd legion

David and Syd

If I am being totally honest, it broke my heart to see these two fade away at the end. They admitted the love they have for each other, but they knew their relationship was toxic. David knew that there were many things he did to wrong Syd, and changing his past was the only way to correct that. They have (had?) such a strong bond, and I was sad to see them split apart in the previous season.

Part of me hopes that they end up crossing paths in this new future. That they can still fall in love, and without the influence of the Shadow King, it will be a healthy love. 

Legion Season 3 Poster

Overall Thoughts

I was so thankful to get another amazing (truly AMAZING) song sequence. If nothing else, this show has given us many of these — just think about that astroplane battle between David and Farouk in season two. Incredible.

Overall, the Legion series finale was damn near perfect. I got the closure I wanted, and it left me longing for more. Marvel’s greatest TV show has ended, but the Legion Series Finale was everything fans could ask for. David Haller’s story has ended, or has it just begun?


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  2. is slated for debut at some point in 2019, although no details about when exactly it will hit the airwaves are available at this point. The first season premiered in February 2017, whereas the second season was held until April 2018, so there’s no precedent for when a third season might premiere. For fans’ sake, we have to hope that Season 3 debuts at least in the first half of 2019. If the Season 2 finale ends on a cliffhanger like Season 1’s cliffhanger, it would be a shame to make fans wait overly long.

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