Amazon Prime’s The Boys is the Superhero Story We’ve Been Waiting For


the boys review amazon prime

The Boys is a new show on Amazon Prime where vigilantes start hunting down Super Heroes — and it is everything I could have hoped for and more! From the moment I saw the trailers I knew it was a show for me. I am a total super hero geek, after all. The first five minutes of episode hooked me (and the ending had me begging for more!) — I knew I had to binge this series immediately. 

The Boys Jack Quaid

Hughie’s Story

It starts off with what we see in the trailer, Hughie’s girlfriend, Robin, is killed by a super hero. The super with fast running abilities, A-Train, literally runs right in to her, killing her. Of course, he tries to put it off as just a casualty of justice — and even exaggerates how far in the road she was standing. That’s when he is offered to sign an NDA in exchange for $45,000. What happens next sets up an incredible series. 

The Boys Starlight

Starlight’s Story

In the beginning of the first episode, we also see Starlight. She is a stunning young super with light powers. She is trying out for the part of a new super hero in New York, and she gets the part. We learn that her mother always put her in Little Miss Super competitions. She talks about how she never liked them, and how she just wanted to save the world. 

Once she joins, she is shown around by The Deep. Now I refuse to give spoilers but let’s just say it was a #MeToo moment that shook me to my core. That was the moment I really started to feel for her. It made me so mad what happened to her. And it put me on the side against the heroes, that’s for sure.

A-Train The Boys

Vought International

You learn pretty early on that Vought International is the company managing all of the supers. They are the ones that try to get Hughie to sign an NDA over Ronbin’s death, and they are the ones that hire Starlight as a new hero. Immediately I could tell that they had some shady business practices, and I was not on their side from the beginning.

Billy Butcher The Boys

Billy Butcher

I love me some Karl Urban, so I was honestly waiting for the moment when he entered this series. And trust me when I say, it was worth the wait. He is such an amazing actor, and I love his role in this show. He is the leader of The Boys, the vigilante team that Hughie joins to take down the supers. This team includes Billy, Hughie, Mother’s Milk, Frenchie, and The Female. And honestly, Billy might be my favorite character in The Boys. 

The Seven The Boys

So Many Supers

One thing that is really cool about this show is seeing all of the supers! Their powers, their costumes, their names…. It is pretty obvious that most of them are modeled after supers in the comics that I read and love, so that was a fun part about this series. The other featured supers in the seven that I haven’t discussed include Homelander, Queen Maeve, Black Noir, and Translucent.

The Boys

Overall Thoughts

TRUST ME WHEN I SAY BINGE THIS SERIES NOW! There are only eight hour long episodes, making it a quick and easy binge. It is honestly darker, grittier, and more violent than I expected — and I loved every second of it. Then I learned that this was based off a comic book and I immediately knew I needed to read those. So guess what is already on it’s way to me… yup. The Boys comic books.

The thing I love most about this show is how real it is. It shows the darker side of supers, which we needed to see, I think. It is truly everything that we have needed in a superhero series. I am so excited that there will be a season two — I cannot wait!

The Boys is streaming now on Amazon Prime!

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