Stranger Things 3 Review: The Best Season Yet?


stranger things 3 best season

I have been obsessed with Stranger Things since it first came out. My husband and I binged it in just a couple days — and then anxiously waited (what seemed like forever) for season 2. Which we then binged in a couple of days. On July 4th, Stranger Things 3 dropped on Netflix, and dare I say, it is the best season yet?

There are only 8 episodes in the season, and if it is possible for you to set aside 8 hours in one day and watch it, I highly recommend you do. It took us a couple of days (kids, ugh… having to be a parent and all), but there are a few things I have gone back and watched a couple of times. This season is just SO GOOD. I truly think it is the best season yet. 

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And that end credit scene?! LOVE that they left it open for a season four!

Warning: Spoilers ahead for Stranger Things 3.


Steve Harrington

Steve Harrington. In a sailor outfit. The entire season. That right there is reason enough to watch Stranger Things 3. How he is so adorable while wearing that, I have no idea. But he is. And I loved every second of it. He has always been one of my favorite Stranger Things characters. Him and Dustin. And so I really enjoyed their camaraderie in season 3. 

They were so cute together. And are genuinely good friends. Plus the introduction of Robin was great. I kind of love her. And hope to see more of her in the next season. But I also want Steve to find love. Him and his perfect hair deserve it.


Mike & Eleven

These two kids have been through so much, and I really love how their relationship went this season. They were together – and infatuated with each other. Kissing constantly. And then they took a little time apart, which they both needed to realize some things. And found their way back together in the end. This is a great lesson for everyone – and I am just so happy they finally said the L word!



Dustin was always at the top of my list of characters. He constantly cracks me up, and I adore him. He is just so cute and lovable. Seeing him and Steve in this season really warmed my heart. They are so cute together. And then, the part when him and Suzie just start belting it out… the world is literally in danger, and they sing Neverending Story and that MADE MY LIFE.

And yes, I have watched that scene through a few times already. And I am sure I will more too.


Erica Sinclair

Erica Sinclair quickly became one of my favorite humans in the entire world after watching season 3. She is a spitfire and I adore her. Everything out of her mouth had me cracking up and saying you go girl. She is only 10, but boy does she have an attitude on her. She is fantastic, and another great reason to watch Stranger Things 3. 



When I say I cried all the tears during episode 8, I mean I CRIED ALL THE TEARS. I was a hot mess. To the point where I needed to get up and get tissues because I couldn’t even see through my tears. I was shocked that I cried when Billy died. Because he was always a jerk. Why did I care? Because he saved Eleven? I just don’t know. But I did.


When Joyce had to turn both keys and knew that would kill Hopper, I cried. When Eleven was reading “the talk” he had written out – I cried. Like ugly cried. And then, all of these friends had to be separated. Which, by the way, is ridiculous and I hate Joyce for it. I also don’t blame her one bit because I would have taken my kids out of that town after the first incident. But I still will never forgive her. It broke my heart to see them saying goodbye.


Will There Be A Season Four?

Gosh, I sure hope so. I am not sure if anything has been announced yet, but I really want there to be a season 4. They certainly left it open with the end credit scene. “Not the American.” – that HAS to be Hopper right. I mean, we didn’t see him die, or explode. 

For a minute I thought maybe he jumped in to the rift, tot eh upside down, but that doesn’t seem likely now. And why do the Russians want all these deadly creatures around? That can’t be smart… I fully expect a season 4. And I cannot wait.

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