Glass Perfectly Combines the Worlds of Unbreakable & Split to Create an Action Packed Movie


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When I first heard that M. Night Shyamalan was making a movie called Glass, that would combine two of my favorite movies (Unbreakable and Split), I was thrilled. I even listed it as number four in my top ten anticipated movies of 2019. Sure, this was teased at the end of Split, sort of, but I didn’t expect it to ever happen. I figured it was just a fun way of combining the worlds of two characters with superhuman abilities. Most of Glass was predictable, and it was even slow at parts, but the acting of James McAvoy and Bruce Willis, along with some amazing action scenes, saved it for me.

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Staying True to Past Films

One of my biggest concerns was that things from Split and Unbreakable were going to be forgotten, pushed aside, or rewritten. Luckily, that was something Glass did brilliantly. Not only was David Dunn’s son still very much a part of this movie, and still strongly believed in his father’s abilities, he was also played by the same actor. Another one of the ties that I really enjoyed was M. Night’s cameo.

As you likely know, he puts himself in all of his films. In Unbreakable M. Night plays a drug dealing hoodlum, who David Dunn discovers. Well, in this Glass, he comes to David Dunn’s security store, and recognizes him as having worked at the stadium years ago. The conversation that ensues was extremely enjoyable to me, as M. Night explains he used to run with the wrong crowd back in the day, and recalls getting in trouble for drugs there.

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How Did The Story Line Hold Up?

The story line for Glass, is just what we saw in the trailers. David Dunn (played by Bruce Willis), Kevin and all his aliases (played by James McAvoy, and Mr. Glass (played by Samuel L. Jackson), are locked together in a mental facility. The film starts out with Kevin’s hoard kidnapping and murdering teenage girls, very similar to what we saw them doing in Split. David Dunn is working (with son helping out) to track down sinners. He wears that iconic green rain coat, and is keeping to the shadows.

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When he touches Kevin, he sees where the girls are hidden, and goes to save them. Well, things go wrong and they get caught, and end up in the mental institution with Mr. Glass. Sarah Paulson plays a therapist, who claims to study people who think they have super human abilities. What comes after that is a little bit of a slow burn. As you are supposed to get to know these characters more, there are some dull moments. I love Sarah in American Horror Story, but for me, she didn’t bring anything to the table in this film.

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Was Bringing Casey Back Necessary?

I did enjoy seeing Casey back (if you recall in Split, Kevin kidnapped her, but then they let her go/she escaped), although again, she didn’t seem completely necessary to this movie. I get that she needed to be there to bring a human side to Kevin, and I loved their connection, but she didn’t need to be in this movie as much. However, I will say, that the part she had in the ending was heartwarming – and totally made me cry.

Overall Thoughts

If you can power through some of the slower parts, this movie is more than worth a watch. Just witnessing James McAvoy play twenty different characters – again – is insanely enjoyable (no pun intended). I had the plot twist more or less figured out about half way through the movie, although I didn’t expect the full details. The very end left me a bit shocked honestly, and moved my rating from a 3 to a 4 out of 5.

WARNING: The Following Contains Spoilers for GLASS.

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What Was So Predictable?

Within minutes of seeing his character, I knew Mr. Glass was faking being medicated. Clues form the film, combined with the trailers, made this very obvious. When he went in for surgery, i knew he had somehow set the whole thing up, and he would be fine.

Something most people know about all of M. Night’s films is to expect a big twist at the end. This means that throughout the whole film, my mind is kind of running a side project, trying to figure it out. I knew right away there was something up with Sarah Poulson’s character, and I did not trust her one bit. When it was revealed that she was working to make these people think they were crazy, and did not have superhuman abilities, I was not surprised. What did shock me was the fact that it was a very large team of people working together, and that the killed all three of the main characters.

When Mr. Glass told his mother this was an origin story all along, I got chills. You probably know I am huge comic book fan, so I love all of the references to comics and superheroes. I have to be honest, I could get behind another story from this universe. Perhaps David’s son, Joseph, will pick up his father’s mantle. I could see him hunting down this society that killed his father, and goes after super humans. It would have to be done right though.

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What Ages Is this Good For?

There is a lot of violence in this one, so parents be warned. I would personally wait until my children are 10 or older to let them watch it, and even then I would view it with them. There was not a lot of language that I noticed, and no sexual situations.

Glass is available to purchase on Blu-ray or DVD now!

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