Super Easy DIY Infinity Stone Easter Eggs


DIY Infinity Stones Easter Eggs

I have two young daughters and every Easter we decorate our own Easter eggs. This year I discovered Eggnots, a dyeable ceramic replacement for Easter eggs, and I am so excited about them. Now we can keep our creations year after year – and I cannot wait to see how my daughters’ artwork changes over the years. If you know me, you know I am a total Marvel geek, so of course I made Infinity Stone Easter eggs for mine. I am counting down the days to Avengers: Endgame (did you see my breakdown of the second Endgame trailer?) so this is basically all that is on my mind right now.

infinity stone easter eggs diy

Infinity Stone Easter Eggs

  • 6 Eggnots
  • Red Paint
  • Blue Paint
  • Purple Paint
  • Yellow Paint
  • Orange Paint
  • Green Paint
  • paintbrush or cups

I liked using the paint for these eggs, but you can also use egg dyes as well. Simply dip your Eggnots in a cup of dye, and they are good to go – exactly like regular eggs. I opted to hand paint my infinity stone eggs because I wanted some variation to the color. You know, so they looked shiny and shimmery and like something Thanos really wanted to get his hands on.

If you are a Marvel fan like me, some other great Easter egg ideas are Captain Marvel, Goose the Cat (or Flerken), Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Hulk, and… well honestly I could just go on and on! Like I said, the thing I really like about these is that I can continue to display them year after year.

infinity stone easter eggs

About Eggnots

Whether you’re a family looking to share the Easter egg-dyeing tradition, a hobbyist looking for a new medium, or a crafter looking for creative ways to decorate your home, eggnots® is the product you’ve been searching for! The versatile blank canvas of eggnots® makes them the perfect starting point for almost any craft, and because they’re made of high-quality ceramic, your finished keepsake will last as long as the memories you’ll make in the process! Give your family the chance for a safe, allergy-free Easter!

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