What We Do In The Shadows Season One Premiere Review: Just As Good As The Movie


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What We Do In The Shadows Season One Premiere Review

If you have spent any amount of time talking to me, I have probably ranted and raved about the movie What We Do In The Shadows. This is one of the three Taika Waititi movies I encouraged fans of Thor: Ragnarok to watch because they are so good! I mean, that man is brilliant. I was able to actually sit down and interview Taika Waititi a while ago and it was at that time that he told me about the What We Do In The Shadows TV show. Yea, I about died right then and there. This was before it was common knowledge, but he told me him and Jemaine Clement were working on it. Well, it finally premiered this week and here is what I thought about it.

what we do in the shadows

It Feels Just Like The Film

Yes, it feels exactly like the film. There is a documentary crew following around a house of vampires who live in New York, and have for centuries. They were tasked with taking over the “new world” (meaning the United States) and well, they haven’t gotten very far. The humor is the same dry humor we see in most of Taika’s films, including What We Do In The Shadows. One of my favorite parts was the introduction of the energy vampire. This vampire sucks the energy from you by telling you boring stories or annoying you. We learn they are very common, and mostly do their dirty work in an office setting. They can also walk during the day, not just night. We all know someone like that, don’t we?

what we do in the shadows rhys

What I Hope To See

If you have seen the movie than you know we need to see the werewolves. They were a major part of the film, and also extremely hilarious. Some of Rhys Darby’s lines (the pack leader) were some of my favorites in the entire movie. I would also love to see a cameo by Taika Waititi, which I honestly don’t think is too far fetched since he puts himself in everything he does. Did you know he is Korg in Thor: Ragnarok? And oh yea, he improvised all of his lines.

I would also love to see Jemaine make an appearance because, well, quite frankly I adore him. The man is is brilliant in everything he does. I mean, Legion, COME ON, that was amazing acting on his part. And you know what? I would like to see the familiar, Guillermo, become a vampire in the end. We learned in the first episode of season one that he has been a servant for 10 years. TEN YEARS! That deserves some kind of reward.

what we do in the shadows tv

The Worst Part?

It is only slated for 10 episodes. Ugh! I truly hope we get a season two. Yes, I am saying that after only watching one episode because I have that much confidence in it. My husband and I laughed throughout the whole show, and there were not any dull or dragging parts. They set up for a lot of drama in the future (both Laszlo and his wife Nadja had a fling with the Baron, how is that not going to end up with something juicy happening!). Honestly, for a pilot, it was down right impressive. I am hooked. And ready for more!

what we do in the shadows cast with taika

About What We Do In The Shadows

What We Do in the Shadows is a documentary-style look into the daily (or rather, nightly) lives of four vampires who’ve “lived” together for hundreds of years. In Staten Island. Just who are these vampired?

  • Self-appointed leader, Nandor The Relentless: a great warrior and conqueror from the Ottoman Empire, who has taken the helm of the group despite many of his Old World tactics resulting in what some might politely refer to as bupkis.
  • British vampire Laszlo: a bit of a rogue and a dandy and a fop, he might say. He’s a lover of mischief and a great soirée, but not as much as he loves seeing Nandor fail miserably in every attempt.
  • Nadja: the seductress, the temptress, the vampiric Bonnie to Laszlo’s Clyde. Her wisdom and provocative tales from times past allow us insight into the many ups and downs of living an immortal life.

Watch What We Do In The Shadows on FX every Wednesday!

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