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DIY PJ Masks Inspired Valentine’s Day Holder + What To Fill It With!

DIY Catboy PJ Masks Valentines day Holder

My girls are big fans of PJ Masks. It is one of their favorite Disney Junior shows and I have to admit, I enjoy watching it too. My youngest loves it so much that her 2nd birthday party was themed PJ Masks. So of course, we work this show in to every holiday season around our house, and Valentine’s Day is no different. I remember making a holder for my valentines to take my class every year when I was a kid, so I wanted to help my daughters do the same. Check out this super easy DIY PJ Masks Inspired Valentine Holder PLUS some ideas on what to fill it with!

DIY PJ Masks Catboy valentine holder

PJ Masks Inspired Valentine Holder

What you need:

inside diy catboy valentine holder pj masks

Make sure the pocket is large enough to fit valentines.


  1. Cut one of the dark blue felt squares in the shape of a cat head – but leave off  the ears. These will be a part of the back part of the head (the pocket).
  2. Cut stripes out of the light blue felt square – three for the top of his head, three for each cheek, and two eyebrows. Here are some photos for reference.
  3. Use fabric glue or thread and needle to attach the stripes and eyebrows.
  4. Cut out two large round circles for the eyes, and two small circles for the gleam in his eyes, if you wish. Use the light blue and dark blue for the colors of his eyes. (see my example)
  5. Using the peach felt, cut out a shape that will be the bottom half of Catboy’s face, as seen when he is wearing his mask. Also cut out an oval for the nose.
  6. Use your dark blue head to trace another rectangle of the same size, this time, add the ears. Kids can use the ears to hang up their valentine holder on their desks at school if they wish.
  7. Cut the black felt to make the inside of the ears, the pupils of the eyes, and the mouth.
  8. Attach edges of the two dark blue pieces of felt, leaving the top open for valentines to fit in, with fabric glue or needle and thread.
  9. Show off your super cute valentine holder to all your friends!

DIY Catboy from PJ Masks Valetine Holder

Be sure to pin these instructions so you can easily find them later!

Ivy looking in pj masks valentine holder

What To Fill It With

I don’t know about you, but I remember wanting to be the coolest kid in school by bringing in the best Valentine’s Day cards and candy. There are lots of PJ Masks themed items to choose from, but these are some of our favorites.

  • Frankford PJ Masks Hearts with Candy – Available at your local Walmart
  • Frankford PJ Masks Fan with Candy – Available at your local Walmart & Cracker Barrel.
  • PJ Masks Valentines (of course!) – there are several options out there. Valentines with masks, with stickers, with tattoos – get them all and mix and match!
  • Gertmenian PJ Masks Game Rug – Available at Target. Too big to fit in the box of course, but a great gift to give your little one at home!
pj masks game rug

Toys included with the game rug.

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