NEW The Incredibles Instagram Walls at Hollywood Studios Walt Disney World


NEW The Incredibles Instagram Walls at Hollywood Studios Walt Disney World

I travel to Walt Disney World at least twice a year because we are Disney Vacation Club members. One of my favorite things to do is search the parks for new things that have appeared since the last time I was there. So imagine how excited I was when I turned a corner in Hollywood Studios to see a whole The Incredibles themed area! Now, I am a HUGE Incredibles fan, and I even went to Pixar last year to get a behind the scenes look at the making of the latest film.

If you follow my Instagram account (MamasGeeky), then you know I am a fan of Disney Instagram walls. I have a similar post to this one up that tells you where to find them in Toy Story Land. This new Incredibles themed area is where the old entrance to Toy Story Mania was. If you are exiting Toy Story Land, just turn right and you will find it!

The Jack Jack Wall

This one has to be my absolute favorite wall! It is a little tricky to spot, if you don’t know where to look. It is on the inside of the merchandise shop area.

Incredibles Jack Jack Instagram Wall

If you look closely you will see baby Jack Jack’s footprints leading through the Incredibles area and right up to the wall. Here you will find a spot where he ran right through the wall! It is a great photo opp!

Incredibles Instagram Wall WDW

The Super Powers Wall

It might not be the official name for this wall (I mean, is there even one?), but I am calling it that because it is a great group Instagram wall. What do I mean by that? Well in the first part you can be strong like Mr. Incredible and lift up a car, and in the third spot you can channel your inner Violet to create a force field bubble. The middle is just a great place to show off your best superhero pose!

incredibles celebration wall

A HUGE thank you to Tania from for snapping this pic for me! Follow her on Instagram for lots of Disney fun & more!

The Incredibles Celebration Wall

This wall comes with a photopass photographer and everything! Use fun signs and strike your favorite superhero pose! Be warned though, this line does close at 6pm, so we totally missed out on it when we were there.

Incredibles Instagram Wall logo

The Incredibles Logo

If you walk in to this area and head straight back, you will find an area that not only houses The Incredibles dance party where you can see Frozone and Mrs. Incredible, it also has large doors with a giant Incredibles logo painted on it.

Devtech Instagram Wall


I am a big fan of Winston Devor (Bob Odinkirk) so I was thrilled to see a nod to his company from Incredibles 2 in this area. The Devtech Plaza Branch, a prefect place to pose a devious pose and channel your inner Evelyn Deavor.

Edna Mode Meet and Greet WDW

Edna Mode

OK, so she isn’t an Instagram wall, but she is a fun photo opportunity! Edna hangs out where you used to be able to meet Woody and Buzz. Remember, The Incredibles area is surrounding the old entrance to Toy Story Mania – a perfect place if you ask me! In the queue, you can see some of her super suit creations – we loved the area!

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