How To Train Your Dragon 3: Hidden World Review – The Perfect Trilogy?


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The How To Train Your Dragon series holds a special place in the Smith family’s hearts. We love this series and watch the first two films often. Every month we have family movie night and How To Train Your Dragon 1 & 2 are often a top choice to watch. From the very moment Hiccup and Toothless found each other, we fell in love with them. Now the trilogy is ending so you know we had to go see How To Train Your Dragon 3: The Hidden World in theaters opening weekend. What did we think of the final film? Pretty close to perfection.

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Action From The Start

How To Train Your Dragon 3: Hidden World starts right off with some action. We see Hiccup and the gang fighting dragon hunters alongside their dragons. It is obvious they rely heavily on the dragons, which becomes a theme throughout the movie. Once they arrive home, we realize through conversations that it has been a year since the last movie. Hiccup is now chief and has been spending a lot of his time hunting down dragon hunters and freeing the dragons they captured. The village is now seemingly overrun by dragons, and it is assumed something needs to done about it.

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Lessons Learned

Throughout this film, Hiccup and his friends are running from a dragon killer. The one that killed all the Night Furies (besides Toothless of course). He uses a Light Fury as bait to separate Toothless and Hiccup, causes Hiccup to have to learn to fight on his own. He says that he feels he is nothing without Toothless, but Astrid helps him learn to embrace who he is. This is a really important lesson for children to learn, and something I was glad to see in this film.

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I won’t tell you how it ends, but I will tell you that I cried. A lot. No surprise there, I teared up at the trailer after all. It is a tear jerker for sure, but a great ending to the trilogy. At one point the entire theater I was in let out a collective gasp and awe. It was amazing. How To Train Your Dragon 3: The Hidden World is the perfect ending to a damn near perfect trilogy, and something the whole family will love.

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