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The Masked Singer Review & My Celebrity Predictions | #TheMaskedSinger

This post is in no way sponsored. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.

the masked singer

I finally got around to watching the first two episodes of The Masked Singer – and I am hooked! My husband and I were glued to the TV, especially during the clue videos. We immediately started with our guesses on who each contestant was. Some of the ones that I came up with, the judges have guessed as well. We didn’t get the Hippo right, but we did know he would be a football player. And the Pinapple was just SO obvious to us! But who are the other animals? Here are my guesses!

the rabbit

The Rabbit

This one is the most obvious to me. I was an *NSYNC girl. I mean, I traveled around the country seeing them in concert. The Rabbit has got to be Joey Fatone. I guessed it from the clue video and even some of the judges agree. Those dance moves, that personality, the clues! Not only did the video end with “It’s Gonna Be Me” (hellllllo!!!!), but he said he has performed on stage with a mask. Joey Fatone has done some broadway (I saw him in RENT and then met him afterwards and it was AMAZING), including The Phantom of the Opera.

the peacock

The Peacock

From the clues and performance he has got to be a magician. And also a singer. Someone that an older generation would have hung posters of up on their wall. My guess? Donny Osmond.

the poodle

The Poodle

This is a tricky one. A comedian. I gotta think Margaret Cho. Because I have no other thoughts right now.

the alien

The Alien

I gotta think that she is a Kardashian. The clue that finally we get to see her but she can’t see us screams reality TV star to me. That banging body and her saying she wants to be in the spotlight for once has me thinking Kendall Jenner.

the bee

The Bee

Diana Ross. Diana Ross. Gotta be here. When she started singing. That AMAZING voice. Come on. Or Tina Turner. Yea. Those are my two guesses.

the raven

The Raven

The Raven was a talk show host and I cannot help but think Ricki Lake. I immediately thought that. I love her!

the unicorn

The Unicorn

I am pretty stumped with this one. I think someone from the LGBTQ community for sure. Maybe RuPaul? But I just don’t know…

the monster

The Monster

This clue package said he had been in jail. And he has an incredible voice. I am thinking someone like T-Pain. Maybe?

the lion

The Lion

This lion can SING! What a set of pipes on her! This is tough one because I have to think seasoned singer. She has a lot of sisters and is considered Hollywood royalty? Gotta be a Braxton!

the deer

The Deer

Because of the clue package I gotta say he is a wrestler or boxer. Has been knocked down, they are taping the antler. I don’t think he can sing at all. And he has a big belly. I am thinking… Stone Cold Steve Austin?

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