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5 Reasons I Love Kelly Thompson's Captain Marvel #1

As you likely already know, Carol Danvers has been one of my favorite characters in Marvel comics for a very long time. And even though I did NOT agree with her stance in Civil War II, I still love her.  The Life of Captain Marvel comic run just ended and dropped a couple major bombs. Carol has been through a lot lately, and has learned things that will effect her for a very long time to come. Captain Marvel #1 just came out this week, and picked up her story right where it left off. I read this comic through 5 times yesterday because it is THAT good. And here is why.

Warning: This post will contain minor spoilers for the comic book Captain Marvel #1. If you have not read it and wish to go in to it with fresh eyes, bookmark this post for a later date.

captain marvel 1 tony and carol banter

Tony/Carol Banter = Priceless

Oh how I have missed the Tony Stark and Carol Danvers banter. We got some here and there throughout The Life of Captain Marvel but there were pages upon pages of it in Captain Marvel #1. Quips that had me literally laughing out loud. I love them together. She hates him, I think he kind of likes her, and it is amazing. THEY are amazing.

captain marvel 1 hazmat

Hazmat Is Back

If you have never heard me talk about Avengers Academy, then you don’t come to my YouTube lives very often. It is by far one of my favorite series and I have been keeping my fingers crossed for them to hit the MCU at some point. Not likely to happen but I still want it. Well, Hazmat (from that series) showed up in this comic – in the most perfect way I might add – and I am SO EXCITED! Who knows, if some of this comic series ties in to the MCU, maybe she will too. Hey, a girl can dream, right?

captain marvel 1 rhodey and carol

Sparks Fly With Rhodey

If you are an avid comic book reader, you know that Carol and Rhodey were dating. Then Rhodey died (in Civil War II) – ouch! But now he is back, and Carol is back from space (and her sabbatical we read in The Life Of Captain Marvel). Sparks flew right through the pages when they saw each other again. Even Hazmat made a quick exit.

captain marvel 1 jessica drew and carol danvers

Girl Power with Spider-Woman

Jessica Drew, Spider-Woman, is Carol’s best friend. I love them together. Well they are reunited, and have a pretty awesome fight sequence, in the beginning of this issue. They battle side-by-side a Kraken type monster that I can only imagine is going to come up later. Somehow. At the end of the issue Jessica is MIA. I am sure that will be something we see in the future too.

captain marvel 1 cliff hanger

Major Cliff Hanger

There is ALWAYS a cliff hanger at the end of an issue in a continuing series. And I love that. I live for it. This cliff hanger? Incredible. I need to know ALL the things. That last page – the art? PHENOMENAL! I thought there was no way that Carol Danvers, Captain Marvel, could look any more badass or BE any more badass – but I might have to think again. Just what is going to happen? Who is she teaming up with? Where did she go? So many questions….I cannot wait for the next issue!

Yes, there is a lot going on in this issue, but there was a lot that needed to be addressed. Personally, I wanted to know if and how her relationships suffered in her absence. Carol really has been gone from NYC for a long time. First space, then for personal reasons. I am really looking forward to her story in this series!


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