Avengers: Endgame Trailer Reaction and Breakdown!


Avengers Endgame posterI have been waiting what seems like forever for the Avengers 4 trailer to drop. My theory was that it would drop on the same date as the Avengers: Infinity War trailer did last year, but alas that day came and went with nothing. When the trailer finally popped upon YouTube I could barely get the words out to intro my trailer reaction. I didn’t want to waste any time and watched it immediately. Then I watched it again. And again. And again.


Well, we finally have a title for Avengers 4 – Endgame. I totally called that from the beginning and then had doubts. We see so much and so little at the same time. I need more, but I got just enough. The hype is real. The wait – so worth it. For a trailer that showed practically nothing, it showed so much.

My Reaction

Yea. I did NOT expect the tears to come. At all. They snuck right up on me. Iron Man is my boy. And having him hurt and dying from the start. Saying goodbye to his love. Nope. It got me. This trailer brought me right back to the place I was at the end of Avengers: Infinity War. Marvel ripped open old wounds and left me there, with my heart in my hand. Not knowing what to do. And all the tears came. All of them.

What Does This All Mean?

As I said before, this trailer gives us almost nothing – but so much at the same time. In one scene, we learn that Shuri is among the missing. Did she turn to dust or is she simply in hiding, working on a solution alone? We see Hawkeye as Ronin which YES! I was really hoping for this. I am a massive fan of Jeremy Renner and cannot wait to see him pull this off because I know he will. If he is Ronin this surely means his family has died. I am curious if his family disappeared in the snap heard ’round the world, or is this an alternate timeline? A different dimension? Was Black Widow there looking for this darker version of him? And did she kill his family in this timeline like she did in the comics? Because then I doubt he will be happy to see her….

Something else that seems obvious from this trailer, but not, is that we can only assume they go back in time. When Black Widow says “this is gonna work Steve” and he has a photo of Peggy…. I mean, it SEEMS like that is what they are doing. Or going to another timeline. Another dimension.

And is Scott Lang at the end there! How did he get out of the Quantum Realm? Goliath (as we asked Laurence Fishburne in our interview with him)? Ghost? Or is he a Skrull? Maybe? I mean, wishful thinking on my part but Secret Invasion and Dark Reign are my dream story lines to see on the big screen.

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And that poster. Not cool Marvel, not cool. Too soon.

AVENGERS: ENDGAME in theaters April 26, 2019!

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