Four Toy Story Land Instagram Walls and Where to Find Them!


Toy Story Land Instagram Walls and where to find them

If you have been following #ToyStoryLand on Instagram than you probably know there are several Toy Story Land Instagram Walls at the latest addition to Walt Disney World that are becoming quite popular. My friend Joyce over at Women and their Pretties posted about all of the places you need to take photos at Toy Story Land.  So if you are looking for more awesome photo opps than just just these walls, head to her site.

If you have not been to Toy Story Land at Walt Disney World, I highly recommend it! It is a TON of fun! 

Toy Story Land Popsicle Stick Wall

Popsicle Stick Wall

As you leave Toy Story Mania be on the lookout to pass through two walls. One of these is the Popsicle Stick Wall. Don’t miss it because the path is marked as “Exit Only” and you likely will not be able to enter through that way.

I suppose you could always go on Toy Story Mania again, which wouldn’t be a bad thing. It is one of my favorite rides! There are even some Popsicle stick benches scattered throughout Toy Story Land you can take a photo at.

My favorite thing about these is they look like used Popsicle sticks – complete with a darkened end where the Popsicle stick “used to be”.

Toy Story Land Checkerboard Wall

Checkerboard Wall

Across from the Popsicle Wall, you can find the Checkerboard Wall! Sometimes you might even see an army man hanging out there. I was wearing black, which may not have been the smartest choice, but I didn’t blend in too bad. If you keep an eye out, you can’t miss these walls!

Toy Story Land Andys Wall

Andy’s Wall

Head straight to the back of this part of Hollywood Studios and you will find Andy’s Wall! There are several different drawings, but of course, you will need your photo with Andy’s name. This wall is in between the bathrooms and the entrance to Alien Swirling Saucers.

Toy Story Land Block Wall

Block Wall

This is probably my favorite (and the most popular) Toy Story Land Instagram Wall – it even has it’s own Instagram account! You can find this wall between the men and women’s bathrooms toward the back of the land. I will be honest, it look me a little while to find it.

It may seem weird to pose outside a bathroom, but taking a photo here is so worth it. And I promise, you won’t be the only one!

Hollywood Studios also has some amazing Incredibles themed Instagram Walls – so be sure to check those out too!


  1. We are passholders and love the new Toy Story land and I have yet to the Toy Story instagram walls. I plan to find them all on our birthday trip. We absolutely love the new Toy Story land, so so fun and cute!

    • Well have so much fun on your birthday trip!! Yes, Toy Story Land totally blew me away with all the awesome things they have. I really felt like a toy in Andy’s playroom!

  2. The Instagram page is awesome and I followed.
    I want to take a better look later. Everything is so colorful! We LOVE all the Toy Story movies and Toy figurines! We have a bunch of those and toys. Even the one where Buzz Lightyear lights up and says a couple of phrases. Infinity and beyond!! Thank you for sharing!

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