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5 Tips for Visiting Hershey, PA with Three Generations!

Every year my mom comes to visit from Florida for a few weeks. When she does, we take her on a weekend trip or two. We have learned living in Upstate New York that there are actually many places to visit within driving distance – that are perfect weekend getaways. Hershey, PA is one of those places. There are so many things to do there – not just Hersheypark – that make it an ideal vacation for all three generations!

Hershey Chocolate World Tasting

Take Advantage of Chocolate World

You can easily spend a full day at Chocolate World, in fact, we have before. I highly recommend purchasing the package that includes all the activities to save money, plus, they are all worth doing! There is a chocolate tasting, where they teach you to taste chocolate like an expert, that my mom really enjoys. My daughters love the 4D mystery movie where they save the chocolate factory – and my favorite thing to do is create my own chocolate bar! Not to mention the free ride to discover how chocolate is made. Plus you can shop, shop, shop! And every activity ends with some free candy – you can’t beat that!

Drink and Eat All Day Deals in Hersheypark

Hersheypark itself has some great deals – including a senior discount you can take advantage of. But one of the best things to do is get a drink and/or an eat all day package. We purchase three cups for the drink all day deal and it works out really well – and saves us a ton of money! My daughters share one, my husband and I share one, and my mom has one for herself. One of the coolest parts (no pun intended) is that it can be used for slushies too! The eat all day deal works out well for the adults – although we have noticed our girls won’t use it as much as they should. But I am sure that will change in a few years!

Hersheypark kiddie rides

Split Up for Rides

My mom doesn’t do the big roller coasters, and my girls can’t yet. So since we had my mom with us, she took the girls to the tons of kiddie rides, and my husband and I enjoyed some thrilling coasters! The girls really enjoyed some Grandma time, and she loved hanging with them too. Of course, it was fun to be able to do the big coasters that we had not been able to do since the girls were born. I can’t wait to take them on them!

Hersheypark ride with grandma

Local Restaurants

I always try to support local places and not chains – even when traveling. Well, Hershey has tons of them. In fact, our hotel gave us an awesome list when we checked in and every place we ate at was delicious. All of us loved Fenicci’s of Hershey so much that we have said we cannot wait to go back and eat there again. Yum!

hershey story chocolate flight

The Hershey Story Museum

The Hershey Story museum experience takes visitors on a journey through his life, his chocolate company, his generous philanthropic legacy and the town of Hershey, PA. Engaging museum exhibits explore Mr. Hershey’s early failures, how he successfully revolutionized the process of making milk chocolate, and how the orphan boys of the Hershey Industrial School became heirs to his fortune. One of the best parts of The Hershey Story museums? They have activities for kids to do so they don’t get bored, which we know can sometimes happen with little ones. My girls love the “I Spy” hunt, but there are other things for them to do as well. My personal favorite though is the hot chocolate flight! Yum!

Visit Hershey, PA with your WHOLE family! You won’t regret it!


  1. My daughter and her family visited Hershey, PA last year. The grandkids told me of all the free samples they got. Yummy! Of course, they loved riding the rides. Thank you for sharing your adventure!

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