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10 Fun Facts About Disney Junior's New Show, Fancy Nancy!

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I remember when my daughters got their first Fancy Nancy book. It was a Halloween one and we must have read it at least ten times that night. They were immediately hooked on her and honestly, I can’t blame them. She is fun and spunky, just like they are. Not to mention her incredible sense of fashion! So when I heard that Disney Junior was going to have a Fancy Nancy show, I knew we would be tuning in for every episode! While in LA recently, I was lucky enough to watch two episodes as well as chat with Executive Producer/Director Jamie Mitchell and Story Editor Krista Tucker. Here are 10 fun facts about Disney Junior’s Fancy Nancy that I learned from this interview.

10 Fun Facts About Disney Junior's New Show, Fancy Nancy!

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1. Disney Has Wanted the Rights for 10 Years

“This is a property that Disney had been interested in for about 10 years. The book had sat on Nancy Kanter‘s coffee table.” Krista Tucker told us. Jamie added that he knew there was a lot of interest in the property and in the end, Disney won. Yay!

2. Most of the Stories are Original

We’ve only adapted two of the books. Almost every story is original.” Krista let us know. I kind of love this idea because my daughters (and I) know the books inside and out. This will give us some fresh Fancy Nancy stories, and I cannot wait to see what Disney Junior has in store for us.

10 Fun Facts About Disney Junior's New Show, Fancy Nancy!

© 2018 Disney Enterprises, Inc. All rights reserved.

3. Bree and Nancy Argue

Jamie told us that “the dynamic between Bree and Nancy is critical to the series. They argue. They butt heads. Bree is not a pushover. It is a co-lead situation. When Nancy messes up or [comes off braggy], Bree is like, I am out of here. Inevitably, they always come back together at the end as friends. It is about that real kid dynamics, which I love.

Fancy Nancy Jamie Mitchell

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4. Fancy Nancy Songs are Available on Spotify

Mia Sinclair Jenness is the voice of Fancy Nancy. Jamie told us that something about her stood out, “she understood how to deliver the comedic timing that was sort of beyond her years. And yet she brought an innocence to her character.” He also mentioned that her singing skills are remarkable, and she has already done about 25 songs for Disney Junior, which are available on Spotify.

Fancy Nancy Screening

5. Rob Riggle Came To Them Out Of Nowhere

He brings something to the character that is unique. Something we didn’t expect. He is a goofy dad, like me.” Jamie let us know. To me, Riggle seems like a strange cast, as he is usually not exactly an actor for children’s shows. But I must admit, he totally works as Nancy’s father.

10 Fun Facts About Disney Junior's New Show, Fancy Nancy!

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6. We Might See Fancy Nancy in the Disney Parks

How amazing would it be to see Fancy Nancy in the Disney Parks? “I can’t really speak to that because I don’t know for sure, but I can imagine seeing her walking around. I think it would be cool to see her walking around. Sofia is walking around down there, so I can imagine.” I know that my girls would flip out and love to meet her, so fingers crossed!

Fancy Nancy Krista Tucker

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7. There is Humor for Adults too

There were several moments throughout the episodes that we watched when most of us laughed out loud. We asked if that was on purpose, and Krista let us know it was, “We know that co-viewing is very important for our audience and their families.” Jamie added in, “I like shows that the parent might hear it and get a kick out of it as well. I think it is important that it is inclusive watching.

Fancy Nancy Interview

8. Fancy Nancy’s Animation is Complex

Jamie let us know that creating a cartoon is very challenging now because of high definition and 4K televisions. “With hi-def in particular, every flaw is visible. If you play Snow White on HD, it is pretty tough on there because it is not built in that format. But because we know the format so well having just come through 7 years of Sofia we know the technology very well. We know the criteria we need to hit. The only way to do it properly is to completely go for it.

10 Fun Facts About Disney Junior's New Show, Fancy Nancy!

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9. Fancy Nancy Lives on a Cul-de-Sac (on Purpose)

The Cul-de-sac was designed specifically so that it would be a safe environment for the kids to ride around in. One of my favorite episodes comping up – there is a tree in the center of the cul-de-sac named Oakie. One of the twins goes up in the tree, falls, and sprains her arm. So the parents decide this is going to be off limits for the kids. The kids decide that’s not acceptable so they become revolutionaries led by Nancy.” Jamie explained. He even let us know this storyline was Les Miserables inspired.

Fancy Nancy Toys

10. The Toy Line Is Amazing!

I know that this is both of my daughters’ most favorite fun fact about Fancy Nancy – the toy line is absolutely amazing! There are so many great toys from Jakks Pacific alone including:

  • The My Friend Fancy Nancy™ doll is ready for a fabulous play day dressed in her signature outfit – leggings, tiara, and chic party dress, which are removable for fashion play!
  • Shall We Be Fancy Talking Fancy Nancy™ Doll lets kids press the butterfly on Nancy’s necklace or the accompanying wearable light-up butterfly bracelet to hear Nancy say 38 phrases.
  • The Fancy Nancy™ Ballerina lets kids press the buttons on Nancy’s side and watch her transform into the fanciest of ballerinas.
  • The Make Nancy Fancy™ features a fashion doll in four different “fancy” fashions from the show: Classique, Winter Wonderland, Parisian, and Tea Time.
  • Fancy Nancy™ Role play includes a signature dress, special butterfly shaped boa assortment, adorable butterfly shoes featuring a cameo label, and a whimsical fancy tiara and necklace set.
  • The Fancy French Phone features lights and telephone sounds for realistic play. Kids can hear 12 phrases from Nancy when they push the center button.
  • The Ooh La La Music Box lets kids wind up the music box to immerse themselves in the world of Fancy Nancy.

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About Fancy Nancy

Based on the New York Times best-selling books by Jane O’Connor and Robin Preiss Glasser, the animated family comedy centers on 6-year-old Nancy, a girl who likes to be fancy in everything from her advanced vocabulary to her creative, elaborate attire. Excited to experience what the magnificent world has to offer, Nancy uses her ingenuity and imagination as she learns that while life doesn’t always go as planned, it’s important to celebrate the differences that make everyone unique.

Fancy Nancy premieres on July 13th, 2018!

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