Mythical Slyme Brings Kids Slime Tins Featuring Unicorn Poop, Boogers, Tears, & More! | #Giveaway


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If you’ve got kids in the house, you’ve probably have conversations with the words snot, boogers or poop. Lord knows I do! My girls are 5 and 6 and they LOVE potty humor. They just cannot get enough of it. And OK, my husband and I can’t get enough of it either. Second on their list is probably slime, so when those things combine, magic happens. Tactile compound maker Mythical Slyme is on trend with their stretchy, gooey putty tins of Unicorn Boogers, Unicorn Tears, glittery pink Unicorn Poop, and more!

unicorn mythical slyme

About Mythical Slyme

Unlike homemade slime, Soap Bubble Slyme is glossy, not sticky, and easy to clean off of hair and carpets (which you know I love!). Like jumping into a puddle, kids adore the opposite of staying tidy and clean. Sensory play allows children to utilize and understand all five senses. It builds their creativity and learning through exploration. Playing with slime encourages the development of fine motor skills and coordination! When play is done with Mythical Slyme, the gooey mess goes right back into the tightly-capped (and really cool looking) tin.

We received Unicorn Tears, Unicorn Kiss, Unicorn Boogers, Unicorn Poop, Unicorn Dreams, Unicorn Blood, Unicorn snot, and Unicorn Sweat.

Video Review

I knew immediately that my young daughters would be excited about these mythical slimes. So I asked them if they wanted to do a video for their YouTube channel, with no explanation. Then I surprised them with all 8 tins of Unicorn Slime. You can see what they thought about them (spoiler – they loved them!) and which ones were their favorites.

Giveaway Alert

Enter to win a Mythical Slyme tin of your choice using the Gleam form below. Be sure to check out my other giveaways while you are here and GOOD LUCK!

Unicorn Slime from Mythical Slyme


  1. The video that the girls made was really cute!! They are convincing sales people and cute ones too! I am torn between the Unicorn poop ? or snot ?
    • I don’t know how much glue, etc. we’ve bought the grandkids so they could make their slime?! And then they added glitter!
  2. My kids would absolutely love this! I don't know what it is about slimy, gooey stuff, but they all love it! I think it is awesome that it is so easy to clean off, since most stuff like this just ruins things. Thanks for sharing!
  3. My grandkids have made slime - with and without glitter. I got a couple of different containers to try and keep it fresh and gooey.
  4. I didn’t realize that the unicorn had so many bodily functions including boogers, poop, and more! What fun!
  5. I love John Ratzenberger! I hope I spelled it right. What a thrill to see him! I bet he’d like slime to give to Norm from Cheers!
  6. I think if the kids played with the slime outdoors here, it would turn to liquid in this heat! So indoors it would stay :)
  7. Brandon Sparks on
    My daughter is really into making slime. She would be so excited if I was to win this.. Thanks for the chance..

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