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DIY: Four Easy Steps To Create Your Own Coffee Bar!

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Just the other day my husband and I purchased a new coffee pot. Ours was getting old and we had read about one that featured a burr grinder so we decided to upgrade. When we got it home, it was just a tad too tall for our counter.

At first, we were totally bummed, but then, we thought a coffee bar might work well in our kitchen. We started pricing them out and – long story short – we ended up building one. In about 24 hours. And it came out amazing.

Surprisingly, it was a lot easier than we expected it to be. Here is how you can create your very own coffee bar – in just 4 easy steps!

coffee bar vanity without top

Purchase a Vanity

Yes, a vanity. We went to Lowes and found a bathroom vanity that we really liked. It had drawers, as well as a sliding barn door type cabinet (that I fell in love with!). We made sure that it was the correct dimensions we wanted for the area in our kitchen.

There were a few others we liked, but the dimensions just would not have worked. So be sure to measure the area you want to put your coffee bar before heading to the store. The vanity we chose did come with a top on it, but that was easy enough to remove.

If you can find one that does not come with a top, that would be best, because you will not be using it. Ours also came totally assembled, which cut way back on our build time – a huge plus!

coffee bar block top

Install a Butcher Block Top

For our counter-top we knew we wanted a butcher block look. We also knew that we wanted it to over hang a little bit on the sides. So we measured that out and got a block at Lowes that was a little bit more than we needed.

The reason being, we were planning on installing a shelf/mug display on top of the vanity. This way, the wood would all match. We varnished the block top, and screwed it in to the vanity, nice and sturdy.

coffee bar shelf side angle

Build a Shelf & Mug Display

In order to fit the spot in our kitchen we chose perfectly, we knew that the coffee bar would have to be taller. My husband used some nice wood to build a shelf with tall sides to place on top of the vanity counter.

He painted the sides white to match the vanity and screwed in some hooks that would be the right size to hold mugs. We decided to put the hooks across the top under the shelf, as well as down both sides (I have a LOT of mugs). Then just screw it on – my husband used a pocket hole jig to do this.

coffee bar left side

Shop for Fun Decor

My favorite part of a DIY project is putting it all together. I had a lot of fun organizing the mugs on the top and the sides of the display, as well as setting up our coffee makers and french press. On the wall we hung a “But First Coffee” picture up that seemed to be the perfect size for the spot!

There are three drawers. The top one I filled with kcups, the middle one has hand towels, and I put dish towels in the bottom one.

We even decided to install a towel rack on the side – so that we could hang a really cute espresso towel that I found.

Coffee Bar right side

There you have it! A really easy DIY Coffee Bar, that I promise you, you will fall in love with! The best part about this plan is that it is totally customizable!

You can build it to fit any spot in your house that you want. The amount of hooks for mugs that you install is totally up to you. Of course, you can even choose the colors you want.

It look us less than a day to build this coffee bar – the longest part was waiting for the paint to dry!

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