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Girls Creating Mazes with Maze-O

My daughters are pretty darn creative. I say they take after their father in that department. I will let you know in on a little secret (that most of my friends know) – he basically does all my craft and recipe posts. And if you see one that is pretty sub-par, that is because I did it. Our girls love to build and create things with their hands – and when they discovered Maze-O they were thrilled! There are many games that we play that help them hone those skills, but this one is a new favorite in our house!

Lorie Maze-O

Hours of Fun & Creativity

I am not exaggerating when I say that the girls sat down and played with Maze-O for nearly three hours. There are endless possibilities of what they create with the starter set we received. This set comes with 52 pieces – all of which will fit into each other. Yup, they will all connect to each other allowing kids (or let’s be honest – adults) to create any maze they can dream up. It even includes cards that show you how to create 30+ mazes, in case you can’t think up anything yourself (that’s me).

Family Bonding

The Maze-O has helped us with family bonding as well. We all work together to create the maze on the card that we are working on. The girls are great at spotting the right pieces and putting it together. Sometimes we split in to teams and each create a maze for the other team. Then we see who can solve the other team’s maze faster. The prize? Usually a piece of candy or extra snack for the girls. One night the girls paired up against my husband and I and won (we were totally trying too!).

Ivy Maze-O

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