RSVP For the #CountdownToInfinityWar Twitter Party – Over $750 in Prizes!


#CountdownToInfinityWar Twitter Party

Hopefully you have been following along with the #CountdownToInfinityWar fun on Twitter every week. Mama’s Geeky and As The Bunny Hops created a schedule of all the Marvel Cinematic Universe films to watch before the release of Avengers: Infinity War. Around the halfway mark (after Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 1), there will be a twitter party with some HUGE prizes. We are talking over $750 worth of prizes!

Important Details

Hashtag to Follow: #CoundtownToInfinityWar
Hosts to Follow: @MamasGeeky & @AsTheBunnyHops
Panelists to Follow: @SummerLenDavis, @MagicalSiblings, & @TeenyBod
When: Wednesday March 21st, 2018 1pm to 2pm EST
Prizes sponsored by: @GameStop, @AmTourister, and @GeekLeagueU

Prize List

Sponsored by GameStop:

Sponsored by

Sponsored by American Tourister

RSVP by adding your twitter handle below! There is no need to RSVP in order to win prizes during the Twitter Party, however, one person who RSVP’d and tweets within the first 5 minutes of the party will win a door prize – a handmade Infinity Stones necklace (that is amazing, by the way!) and a Guardians of the Galaxy women’s shirt!


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  3. Wow! The prizes are amazing! The spinner luggage is tops, but the Groot & Rocket Raccoon Backpack it so cool too! See you soon! @jehousel

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